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22 Things You Need If You're Naturally Unenthusiastic

Aesthetic: over it.

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1. When you need to send a clear message.

Get it for £12.

2. When it's just not your day.

Get it for £14.99.

3. When you're forced to attend a birthday party.

Get it for £2.50.
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4. When you're forced to THROW a birthday party.

Get it for £6.50.

5. When your mate won't stop talking.

6. When you're just being honest.

Get it for £10.95.

7. When you're actually low-key enthused.

Get it for £1.17.

8. When you're just not feeling it.

Get it for £23.

9. When you want to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Get it for £10.

10. When you need a gift for your BFF.

Get it for £7.95.
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11. For when you've got a lot of feelings.

Get it for £19.

12. When life is happening.

Get it for £18.

13. When you need to have the last word.

Get it for £18.70.

14. When the world just makes you kind of tired, tbh.

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15. When you're less than psyched about working out.

Get it for £7.95.
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16. When you have to interact with other humans.

Get it for £25.

17. When you don't want to be interrupted.

Get it for £20.

18. When you're over it already.

Get it for £19.48.

19. When you just don't have time for this shit.

Get it for £9.31.

20. When it's somehow only 3pm.

Get them for £3.10.

21. When literally anyone asks you for literally anything.

Get them for £7.76.

22. When all else fails.

Get it for £5.