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    22 Things You Need If You're Naturally Unenthusiastic

    Aesthetic: over it.

    1. When you need to send a clear message.

    2. When it's just not your day.

    3. When you're forced to attend a birthday party.

    4. When you're forced to THROW a birthday party.

    5. When your mate won't stop talking.

    6. When you're just being honest.

    7. When you're actually low-key enthused.

    8. When you're just not feeling it.

    9. When you want to wear your heart on your sleeve.

    10. When you need a gift for your BFF.

    11. For when you've got a lot of feelings.

    12. When life is happening.

    13. When you need to have the last word.

    14. When the world just makes you kind of tired, tbh.

    15. When you're less than psyched about working out.

    16. When you have to interact with other humans.

    17. When you don't want to be interrupted.

    18. When you're over it already.

    19. When you just don't have time for this shit.

    20. When it's somehow only 3pm.

    21. When literally anyone asks you for literally anything.

    22. When all else fails.