16 Top Of The Line Man Caves You Must See

    Time to hut the pub.

    1. Lodge's Tiki Bar

    Cost to build: £100

    "A tropical hideaway, where a Pina Colada can be drank 365 days a year regardless of the weather. Welcome to Lodge's Tiki Bar! The bar was designed and built after years of travelling / surfing the globe. A fantastic project that continues to evolve!" – Stephen, Owner

    2. Highham Park Arms

    Cost to build: £500+

    "Wooden beams to ceiling, panelling, wallpaper, pub carpet, wood panelling to rear bar, down lighting, proper fireplace in snug area ... From outside it appears like a normal shed, from inside you would think you were in a traditional pub." – Dean Cave, Owner

    3. The Golden Pheasant Lodge

    Cost to Build: £500+

    "Originally The Golden Pheasant Lodge was an unused farm store that was on the edge of collapsing, but I have managed to save it with around 400 hours of tender loving care. The lodge is now our garden pub where friends and family come for a pint of bitter or two when passing." – Gary Curd, Owner

    4. The Moody Cow

    Cost to build: £500+

    "Named The Moody Cow (as a joke to my wife!) our shed was built almost entirely by my retired Dad. This shed is definitely a 'party shed' ... We have lighting that changes colour, an uplit fully stocked bar, under floor heating, a 65 inch tv & great sound system! " – Michael Dodd, Owner

    5. Woodhenge

    Cost to build: £500+

    "The shed started of as a pergola, it then changed to a gazebo because I put a roof on it, the apple tree had to go to make room for the bar and the rest is now history." - John Henry Plumridge, Owner

    6. The Ballroom

    Cost to build: £499

    "Handmade in the style of a castle, full of pub memorabilia collected from car boot sales. Heated by a cast iron Chiminea with lights powered by a motorbike battery. Used as a pub for friends every week and themed parties." - Tim Ball, Owner

    7. Shenanigans

    Built by Darren

    Cost to build: £500+

    "The pub is approximately 15ft x 8ft. Tt holds a bar, TVs, woodburning stove and can seat around 16 people. I designed and built the interior myself using scrap wood and pallets for the bar,pallets was also used for the panelling."

    8. Ye Olde Knob Fiddler

    Cost to build: £500+

    "Measuring under 12 x 8, this little pub is stacked out with memorabilia. Everywhere your eyes land, there is something different to look at." – Glynn Bailey, Owner

    9. Sav's Whisky and Wine Bar

    Cost to build: £500+

    "Used to be an office but transformed to a bar to have friends round for an evening out. Fully stocked bar and audio visual system not to mention many inflatable musical instruments." Trevor Saville, Owner

    10. O'Smithers

    Cost to build: £500+

    "I built the pub myself with the help of a good friend in memory of my late Dad, (an Irishman who always enjoyed a good drink). 90% of the contents of the shed were purchased by searching for bargains on Ebay, (The projector tv was ᆪ0.99 and was in total working order!)." – Douglas, Owner

    11. Bar JKS

    Cost to build: £499

    "An Irish Bar; the only one in Exeter, built by an Irishman. TV shows all my Rugby games. It houses my "Guinness" collection." –JK, Owner

    12. The Jack & Anchor

    Cost to build: £500+

    "When we moved here, it was a run-down summer house. I have totally gutted it and used a lot of recycled materials, buying many items from Ebay and Gumtree. Over the years I have added things like my covered gazebo to keep the rain off in the UK weather and the installation of the wood burning stove to enable us to use it all year round." – George Fergus-Hunt, Owner

    13. The Pickled Newt

    Cost to build: £499

    "The Pickled Newt is a recycled, up-cycled, hand- crafted summerhouse-shed combo that celebrates all things "Pub." It has been uniquely created to meet our desire for a cosy, friendly and "different" place to relax from work, family, disability, animal care and the general stresses of life." – Ruth Phillips, Owner

    14. The Bar

    Cost to build: £500+

    "A lot of love has gone into our shed. We've never been able to decide on a name, so our pub shed has always just been called 'The Bar.'" – Karen and Ryan, Owners

    15. Charlie Brown's Bar

    Cost to build: £500+

    "My shed is special to me as it not only holds fond memories but also has lots of interesting memorabilia that i have collected over the last 25 years. The bar is made of many components. The main building/bar area is an old signal box retrieved from Shenfield train station." – Patrick Charles Lynch, Owner

    16. The Cock Inn

    Cost to build: £500+

    "My shed is built from reclaimed wood and scrap wood. We fell in love with a little bar in the Greek village of Kefalos a couple of years ago, and that's where I got my inspiration." – Wayne Livesey, Owner

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