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22 Life-Changing Printables You Need This Year

Pencil these in.

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1. This zen fitness planner.

This colourful template can be a planner insert, or stand on its own. The printable focusses on helping you get through your daily workout, and offers additional space for tracking your meals and water intake.

Get it for £1.69 here.

2. This creative weekly overview.

If you're all about that right brain, go for this colourful and eclectic weekly desk planner. The template includes squares for weekdays, each featuring a different line or grid style so you can mix it up while you keep track of tasks and to-dos, plus there's a much-needed doodling block.

Get it for £4.20 here.

3. This finance planner.

If you're not a budgeting wizard, start tracking and planning your expenses using this stylish and helpful finance diary. With templates for making annual and monthly budgets, plus savings charts, a daily expense tracker, and a bill checklist, you'll be on top of your piggy bank before you know it.

Get it for £8.40 here.

4. This classy pair.

These matching daily and weekly printables will make time management a treat. With a weekly overview and more detailed daily breakdown to help you keep track of tasks, meals, thoughts, and appointments, you'll always be prepared. The printable pack includes additional templates including a monthly planner, goal sheet, meal planner, and notes pages.

Get it for £9.60 here.


5. This calendar for bookworms.

This sweet little insert offers the most adorable way to keep track of your reading list, and leaves its use fairly open ended. Record books as you read them to mark progress, or keep a running list of reads you hope to get to within the month. Print it out and pin it beside your bookshelf, or hole punch it to fit in your agenda.

Get it for £1.78 here.

6. This no-fuss meal planner.

If you're aiming to eat healthy this year, this simple grocery list and meal planner will make it insanely easy. The pre-made grocery list includes all the essentials for healthy eating, then offers a grid below for you to mix and match the ingredients throughout the week.

Get it for £2.53 here.

7. This daily block planner.

Keep track of your day and smile while you do it with this gratitude-based organiser. The print-out includes blocks for your must-do tasks, your daily goals, appointments, water and meals, and health, as well as a space to remind yourself how good life is.

Get it for £2.39 here.

8. Or this rewards-based one.

If remembering what you're thankful for doesn't do it for you, try out this daily organiser that reminds you to treat yourself. The page offers space for your top goals, hourly schedule, to-do list, meal plan, health, and notes, as well as a habit tracker and a little space to choose a reward for making it through the day.

Get it for £4.80 here.


9. This handy password keeper.

If you can handle your day-to-day but have trouble remembering your Pinterest password, this is the printable for you. Keep track of all your logins with this helpful and cheery spreadsheet-style print-out.

Get it for £4.22 here.

10. This in-depth wellness planner.

If you're working toward a big fitness goal, this printable pack is an absolute must. The download includes templates for goals pages, workout plans, meal plans, result trackers, as well as motivational inserts.

Get it for £6.50 here.

11. This all-business blog planner.

If you're planning on taking your blog to the next level, start by upping your planning game. This kit comes with 17 printables for managing every aspect of your blog, from finances and advertising to content planning and stats.

Get it for £8.46 here.

12. This neat and tidy cleaning calendar.

Actually clean the shower for once thanks to this handy cleaning chart kit. The pack includes monthly, weekly, and seasonal charts, as well as a chore chart to dole the responsibilities out to everyone in the house. Plan one big task or room per day, and keep track of the little things required to get it done.

Get it for £2.96 here.


13. This epic novel planner.

Keep notes on your characters, plot, stray ideas, and everything related to your future best-seller in one place with this extensive printable novel organiser. The kit includes four templates covering plot, setting, characters, and other notes.

Get it for £4.22 here.

14. This box planner kit.

Combine organisation and creativity with a box planner print-out. This planner style forgoes times, lines, and checklists, offering space for plenty of customisation, from custom titling boxes to adding stickers. You've got complete control over your template, so it's more likely to fit into your lifestyle.

Get it here for £5.26 here.

15. Or this minimal tasks sheet.

If you want a seriously no-fuss daily tracker, consider this simple and attractive print-out. With a breakdown of to-dos, daily goals, things that need work, plus contacts and messages, it covers everything that needs your attention during the work day without getting overwhelming.

Get it for £4.22 here.

16. This cute-as-buttons productivity planner.

This weekly planner template is simple with just the right touch of personality. With blocks for every weekday, the print-out is perfect for managing your work tasks, and adds a splash of colour to keep your desk cheery.

Get it for £4.20 here.


17. This online shopping log.

This one's for all those ASOS addicts out there. Keep track of your orders and shipping timelines with this simple but useful sheet, offering entries for store, product, dispatch, and delivery dates.

Get it for £3.04 here.

18. This simple fitness planner.

See results by planning your workout in advance and following it to the letter. This workout journal will help you stick to your plan and give you the satisfaction of checking off exercises as you finish them.

Get it for £2.53 here.

19. This lovely productivity planner.

Get to work in style with these simple and effective print-outs designed to get you through your to-do list. The daily to-do page offers blocks for goals, tasks, emails to send, and carry-over projects, so the template is sure to make your work-day easier to swallow. The kit includes additional matching templates, including monthly and weekly layouts, separate work and home to-do lists, and extra task list pages.

Get it for £9.60 here.

20. This very important self care planner.

Don't forget to fit yourself into your agenda! This simple self-care planner helps you keep in touch with what's going on with you. Monitor your water intake, sleep, health, with an additional block for thoughts and feelings.

Get it for £2.53 here.

21. Go all in with this full-on life planner.

Modeled after Erin Condren's extensive LifePlanner, this customisable printable kit lets you pick a monthly and weekly planner from a range of styles and colours, and includes inserts for expenses, tasks, notes, and meal and fitness trackers.

Get it for £8.46 here.

22. Or go one giant step further with this organisation bible.

If you're looking for a personal assistant in a printable, this is the one. This "home management binder" kit has it all:

* calendars, weekly

* daily planners

* extensive meal planners, including weekly plans, recipe pages, freezer inventory pages, grocery lists, etc.

* cleaning charts

* finance trackers

* home planners

* family-oriented pages, including medical info, schedules, growth charts, gift ideas, pet-care, etc.

* blog planners

* goal planners

* school schedules

😱 😱 😱

Get it for £16.91 here.