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    28 Things Every Book Lover Wants Their Partner To Know

    Romeo and Juliet is not romantic, fyi.

    1. You will have to learn to sleep with the reading light on.

    2. Pride and Prejudice is NOT every person's favourite book.

    3. And Romeo and Juliet is a very bad love story.

    Sorry, but no one is worth killing yourself over. There are too many books in the world left to read.

    4. There is no gift more romantic than a book with a note on the title page.

    5. A literary themed holiday is the only kind of holiday.

    6. You reading our favourite book to us is pretty sexy.

    Unless our favourite book is Lolita.

    7. Book club nights are sacred.

    8. Hermione is GOD.

    Bow down to the book queen.

    9. If you like it, you should put THIS ring on it.

    10. Don't mess with us when we're within 50 pages of the the end of a book.

    11. Don't EVER watch the movie before you read the book.

    12. There will be books all over the house...

    13. But you CANNOT use them as furniture.

    14. Sometimes we will read at the dinner table.

    15. We will ALWAYS read on a commute.

    16. We may not go out much, but we know a LOT about the world.

    17. There is more to good literature than straight, white men.

    18. So you should probably add Zadie Smith, Flannery O'Conner, Junot Diaz, et al to your shelf.

    19. When we close a book and stare off into the distance, do not disturb.

    20. Don't worry, our fictional crush doesn't compare to you.

    21. Good book withdrawal is a real thing.

    22. Reading together in bed is unequivocally the best date.

    23. Oh, and we love you.

    24. Okay?

    25. Most ardently.

    26. More than words can wield the matter.

    27. After all this time.

    28. Always.