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    Take A Fucking Break And Try These Ways To Entertain Yourself

    Watch The Crown, read about kick-ass feminist high schoolers, and make a to-die-for Dutch pancake.

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    1. Watch The Crown.

    2. Read Moxie by Jennifer Matthieu.

    3. Listen to Killer by Nature.

    4. Download Sweat Deck.

    5. Cook this delicious Dutch pancake.

    Facebook: video.php

    Seasonal? Check. Easy? Check. Delicious? Check, check, CHECK.

    Or make this mulled cranberry cocktail.

    6. Treat yourself to a cultural AF outing.

    7. Follow @RetrieverPics


    I mean, is there a better visualisation of happiness?

    Also check out @gaspic_healthyberry for healthy recipes on Instagram.