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7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

What to read, watch, play, and eat.

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1. Watch one of these brilliant British shows.

2. Read Editing Emma by Chloe Seager


I listened to the audiobook version of this delightfully quick and bright read over the bank holiday weekend, and I'd absolutely recommend it as a cute, escapist option. Essentially the teenage answer to Bridget Jones, Seager's novel follows the misadventures of sassy but awkward London teen, Emma Nash. It's laugh our loud funny and unapologetically feminist, and I just thought it was a treat.

Get it on Amazon, or get the audiobook.

Or dive into one of these binge-worthy book series.

3. Listen to "Villains" by Queens of the Stone Age

Gamma Ray

The seventh studio album from Queens of the Stone Age keeps up with the band's slightly sinister rock bangers. "Villains" simultaneously says "Get shit done" and "Fuck the fuck off" which is a vibe I'm really into at the moment.

Listen on Spotify.

Or for something completely different, check out Fifth Harmony' excellent new drop.


4. Download Leo's Fortune.


I'm really into platformers at the moment and this is one of the best most beautifully and carefully designed ones out there for phone screens. With stunning graphics and a clever maze-style design that will force you to think about way more than jumping and smashing, this game is a capital T Time-waster and I say that with love.

Get it for iOS and Android.

Or check out one of my classic faves, Level With Me.

5. Make one of these hearty, veggie-friendly meals.

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Vegetarian comfort food is low key the best comfort food.

Or learn the basics of a whole new cuisine. If you're in London, you could sign up for the masterclasses at the Chinese Food Festival next weekend, or take a macaroon course because, I mean, how could you not?

6. Treat yourself to an affordable just-because gift.

Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

Console yourself about the end of summer by sending yourself something lovely in the post. Here's a few ideas for less than £10 to get you started.

Or how about finally treating yourself to some luxe PJs?

7. Follow @leekangbin91

I am obsessed with this next level latte art. It's mind boggling and I would never ever drink it but man, do I want to be served one anyway.

Also add @TheDailyPuppy to your Twitter feed. This is a requirement.

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