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56 Perfect Tattoos To Get With Your Friends

To inkfinity and beyond.

1. For the people you love, hope, and dream with:

2. For your heart and soul:

3. For your bird of a feather:

4. For the one who makes you laugh:

5. For your missing pieces:

6. For the one you'll never let go:

7. For the one who lights you up:

8. For your other half:


9. For your favourite playmate:

10. For the ones closest to your heart.

11. For the person who keeps all your secrets:

12. For a lifelong friend:

13. For the one who's always by your side.

14. For your guiding lights:

15. For the person you could talk to forever:

16. For the ones who are always there for you:

17. For your partner in crime:

18. For the one who has a pizza your heart (and loves bad puns):

19. For the one you're most attached to:

20. For the one who knows you best:

21. For your flock:

22. For the one who keeps you honest:

23. For your pen pals:

24. For the person who completes you:

25. For your soulmate:

26. For your Ann Perkins, beautiful butterfly:

27. For an out-of-this-world friendship:

28. For the ones who are always there:

29. For the one you go on adventures with:

30. For your soul sisters:

31. For the yin to your yang:

32. For your gossip buddy:

33. For the perfect fits:

34. For the one who has your heart:

35. For the one who's walking the same path:

36. For the one who make you a better person:

37. For your faithful shadow:

38. For your support system:

39. For the person you always fight for:

40. For the golden trio:

41. For your partner in geekdom:

42. For your secret favourite:

43. For the one who looks after you:

44. For the one who makes you happy when skies are grey:

45. For your family:

46. For the one who never breaks a promise:

47. For your travelling buddy:

48. For the one who makes your life magical:

49. For your childhood bestie:

50. For the one who keeps you grounded:

51. For your sunshine:

52. For your drinking buddy:

53. For the one who fills your heart:

54. For the one you share everything with:

55. For your strongest bond:

56. For your silver lining:

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