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    14 Boat Trips In Britain You Must Take Once In Your Life

    ♫ I'm sailing away. ♫

    1. Island hop through the Orkneys.

    Flickr: eleda Creative Commons
    Flickr: alan_jamieson / Creative Commons

    Get incredible views of the Orkney landscapes and gorgeous ruins with a cruise alighting from Westray. The guided tours will give you unparalleled views of the Aikerness Craigs, Notland Castle, and the Puffin Isles.

    More information here.

    2. Explore Oxford by narrowboat.

    Flickr: andrewbatram / Creative Commons
    Flickr: davehamster / Creative Commons

    Drift through the canals of Oxfordshire for a stunning view of the Cherwell Valley. Oxfordshire Narrowboats offers options from day hire to 2-week long excursions.

    More information here.

    3. Float over Welsh landscape on the Llangollen Canal.

    Flickr: oneterry / Creative Commons
    Flickr: mazdotnu / Creative Commons

    Take a horse-drawn boat ride along the awe-inspiring route of the Llangollen Canal, which floats you over narrow aquaducts and through charming backwaters.

    More information here.

    4. Have a leisurely float through Canterbury.

    Flickr: suspeeters / Creative Commons
    Flickr: suspeeters / Creative Commons

    For a cute and short tour by water, see Canterbury from the vantage points of its lovely canals. A guide will row you along the historic River Stour while you learn the history of the city.

    More information here.

    5. Lounge along the Regent's Canal on the London Water Bus.

    The relaxing London Water Bus service floats from Camden to Maida Vale and back, with options to take you directly inside the Regents Park Zoo for a truly charming day out.

    More information here.

    6. Cruise through the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness.

    Flickr: theposs / Creative Commons

    Whether you're hunting for Nessie or a fantastic natural escape, a trip through the Caledonian and Loch Ness should be a bucket-list necessity. Gorgeous and unique, you've never seen the Loch until you've seen it by boat.

    More information here.

    7. Take in the Liverpool skyline from the Mersey Ferry.

    Don't miss the chance to see the beautiful panoramic of Liverpool's waterfront skyline. Book for Snowdrop, the "Dazzle Ferry" for a truly unique trip. Designed by famous pop-artist Sir Peter Blake for Liverpool's bicentennial, Snowdrop offers a cheery trip with the bonus of cultural history.

    More information here.

    8. Float through the centre of Bath on a scenic city tour.

    Flickr: zoer / Creative Commons
    Flickr: karen_roe / Creative Commons

    Float in Bath without getting a splash on a lovely cruise through the city centre. The trip will give you unique views of the city's iconic architecture and history. Plus, you get to go alongside the mini-waterfall like the daredevil you are.

    More information here.

    9. Take an exhilarating ride on the Forth and Clyde.

    Flickr: 28508607@N07 / Creative Commons

    If you want a side of history with your boat trip, a cruise along the Union and Forth and Clyde canals is ideal. Marine Cruise's route between Glasgow and Edinburgh passes over the Falkirk Wheel, the world's first rotating boat lift.

    More information here.

    10. Take a Sea Safari through the Isles of Scilly.

    Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative Commons

    Soak up the sun on a boat tour of the Isles of Scilly and take in the area's incredible beaches and wildlife.

    More information here.

    11. Sail through the picturesque River Dart.

    hFlickr: 16801915@N06 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 68112440@N07 / Creative Commons

    Float along one of Britain's most picturesque rivers on a cruise through the Dart River. Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boats offers a number of ways to get on the water, from big cruises, to ferries, to yachts, each offering a spectacular view of the villages and countryside.

    More information here.

    12. Get a stunning view of Loch Linnhe by ferry.

    Flickr: 27828336@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: nortonp / Creative Commons

    There's no better way to see the magical Loch Linnhe than by a ride on the public Corran Ferry. Running throughout the year, the ferry is an affordable and beautiful way of exploring the Loch.

    More information here.

    13. Escape into the forest through the Shropshire Canal.

    Flickr: lovestruck94 / Creative Commons

    Get off the beaten path with a narrowboat trip through the Shropshire Canal. The simply stunning route will take you through dreamy woods and countryside, and if you fancy a meal on board, the Shropshire Star does a stellar fish and chips on their three hour cruise.

    More information here.

    14. Float upon the Avon for a stunning view of Stratford.

    Flickr: andiedg / Creative Commons

    For Britain's most romantic boat tour, recite some sonnets on board a river boat trip through Shakespeare's birthplace. The lovely landscape of Stratford-upon-Avon is the perfect backdrop for a leisurely float, and don't forget to lay out along the river under the town's iconic willows before you go.

    More information here.

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