16 Apps Everyone Who Lives In A Shared House Needs

Live appily ever after.

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1. Splitwise

Split rent and utilities with ease using Splitwise. You and your housemates can enter your house-related expenses on the go and arrange to be notified of what's been paid and when, and you can always access a complete expense report.

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4. HomeSlice

Share messages and keep track of bills and chores with HomeSlice, a clever app designed specifically for housemates. The app is easy to update and sends notifications to your housemates when something needs done, or when you've completed a household task.

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8. Handy

Use Handy to hire cleaners and professional household services from plumbing and Ikea construction to keeping your shared house clean and hassle free. The app promises next-day appointments and background-checked professionals.

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10. Chooserr

If you've got a good relationship with your housemates, turn chores and shared expenses into a game with Chooserr. The app lets you call dibs or "not it" on tasks and expenses, or you can let the app choose who will do what. Great for small expenses and little tasks, but best not to use it when arranging the rent.

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15. White Noise

Shut out noisy housemates and escape some shared-house stress with White Noise. The app is designed to relax you and help you fall asleep faster and deeper, so even if there's a party upstairs, you're ready for work the next morning.

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