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    23 Gardens You Can Totally Grow In Your Tiny Flat

    Go green.

    1. A simple shelf can free up room for rows of plants.

    2. Stack apple crates for a flexible shelf garden.

    3. Grow succulents in a vertical frame planter.

    4. Repurpose old bottles.

    5. You don't even have to melt them down.

    6. Mount mason jars on the wall for a natural look.

    7. Or use jar gardens for paper weights.

    8. A cinderblock + soil and seeds = perfection.

    9. Use a vertical pallette for an easy and efficient planter.

    10. You could even get a tiny pallette to hang.

    11. Hang your plants in decorative macrame.

    12. Save so much space with fabric planters.

    13. For an affordable vintage look, repurpose old containers.

    14. Used tea tins actually make the perfect tiny planters.

    15. Old water cans and pails offer a rustic look for cheap.

    16. Reclaimed wood is truly the best friend of small flat gardens.

    17. Get creative with repurposed plastic toys.

    18. Tier planters on your stairs.

    19. If you've really got no space at all, try air plant magnets.

    20. Or plant some succulents in seashells.

    21. Turn plants into modern art work.

    22. Create a corner flower tower.

    23. Keep several pots on a tray to make a portable garden.