15 Charming Edinburgh Bookshops You Must See Before You Die

    Get lost in a good book(shop).

    1. Armchair Books

    Stuffed floor to ceiling with illustrated antiques and secondhand gems, Armchair Books is the definitive bookshop of your dreams.

    2. The Fruit Market Gallery

    3. Golden Hare Books

    Go down Golden Hare Books' rabbit hole to increase your reading list ten-fold. The charming shop features novels, children's books, and design readers.

    4. Cabaret Antiques, Curios & Books

    Find hidden treasures for your bookshelf and your wardrobe at Cabaret.

    5. McNaughtan's Bookshop & Gallery

    6. Edinburgh Books

    It will take you days to get through the expansive collection of second-hand and antiquarian books in Edinburgh Books' four rooms and basement.

    7. Till's Bookshop

    The friendly Till's Bookshop is filled to the brim with titles ranging from science fiction to law.

    8. Word Power Books

    Word Power is an extensive independent bookshop dedicated to providing a small-business alternative to big, corporate sellers.

    9. Looking Glass Books

    10. The Edinburgh Bookshop

    The charming Edinburgh Bookshop is a haven for readers of all tastes and genres, and features plenty of events and signings.

    11. Elvis Shakespeare Books & Records

    Book and music lovers will be at home at Elvis Shakespeare, where you can browse vinyls, books, and if you're lucky, catch an impromptu concert or recording session.

    12. Southside Books

    For a cheap read and a cosy browse, Southside Books is the place to. The towers of books and stuffed shelves give the place a homey, mysterious feel.

    13. Summerhall Bookshop

    Summerhall is the heart of Edinburgh's many cultural festivals, and has many permanent fixtures, including charming a bookshop and library.

    14. The Old Children's Bookshelf

    15. Old Town Bookshop

    Old Town Bookshop is a bookworm's dream - with editions dating back to the 1600s and a variety of genres as well as maps and art, you won't be able to help yourself.

    Check out the Edinburgh Bookshop Trail app to find more tucked away havens for book lovers.

    A previous version of this article listed Pulp Fiction Books, which is unfortunately now closed.