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    37 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Cotswolds

    Kiss the busy city life goodbye.

    1. Because you can see for miles.

    Flickr: kennysarmy / Creative Commons

    2. Because the villages look like this.

    Flickr: karen_roe / Creative Commons

    3. And the ruins look like this.

    Flickr: gordon_robertson / Creative Commons

    4. Because it's nothing if not idyllic.

    Flickr: wildlife_encounters / Creative Commons

    5. Because you might see this from the hilltops.

    Flickr: 76338186@N03 / Creative Commons

    6. Or this on a walk along the riverbed.

    Allou / Getty Images

    7. Because the gardens at Hidcote Manor might actually be heaven.

    8. And every single country house is just perfection.

    Vision4ry-l4ngu4ge / Getty Images

    9. And the historic churches aren't so bad themselves.

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    10. Because the Cotswolds definitely have character.

    Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative Commons

    11. And so much charm.

    Vision4ry-l4ngu4ge / Getty Images

    12. Not to mention serious class.

    Flickr: harshilshah / Creative Commons

    13. The scenery is just too gorgeous.

    Mike_gallagher / Getty Images

    14. It practically hurts to look at.

    Jenifoto / Getty Images

    15. There are so many places to explore.

    Cretex / Getty Images

    16. And you never know what you'll stumble upon.

    Flickr: rpmarks / Creative Commons

    17. Because it's clearly a stop along the Hogwarts Express route.

    Flickr: hisgett / Creative Commons

    18. And because even the schools look like fairy tale castles.

    19. Because there are views like this.

    Flickr: scpgt / Creative Commons

    20. And gardens like this.

    Flickr: ugardener / Creative Commons

    21. Because it is so peaceful.

    Allou / Getty Images

    22. And so green.

    23. Literally every building in the Cotswolds is beautiful.

    Flickr: 28419945@N00 / Creative Commons

    24. Whether it's a castle...

    Flickr: tomtolkien / Creative Commons

    25. Or a trinket shop.

    Flickr: kotomi-jewelry / Creative Commons

    26. There's no shortage of unique places to see.

    Zoonar / Getty Images

    27. Because going to the Cotswolds makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.

    Flickr: roderickt-uk / Creative Commons

    28. It's just so dreamy.

    Flickr: ugardener / Creative Commons

    29. The Cotwolds are the perfect place for a riverside stroll.

    Luick / Getty Images

    30. And to breath in some fresh air.

    Diverroy / Getty Images

    31. The whole area is just dripping in charm.

    Flickr: xenoc / Creative Commons

    32. Because there's just an incredible abundance of quaint spots.

    Flickr: roderickt-uk / Creative Commons

    33. And so many lovely places to happen upon.

    Flickr: karen_roe / Creative Commons

    34. You can't beat the sense of tranquility in the Cotswolds.

    Flickr: philmciver / Creative Commons

    35. No matter where you turn, there's a sleepy town waiting for you.

    Flickr: 28419945@N00 / Creative Commons

    36. It's just the cosiest place in the world.

    Flickr: 28419945@N00 / Creative Commons

    37. Why don't we all live there yet?

    Flickr: avidlyabide / Creative Commons

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