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57 Secrets People In Long-Term Relationships Won't Tell You

Nothing's a deal breaker.

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1. A good nap is better than a hot date.

2. But you do have to get out of the house together sometimes.

3. Even if it means putting on pants.

4. You can order them food without having to ask what they want first.

5. But you still occasionally forget how much they hate that one food you like.

6. You know each other's drink limit.

7. And you know exactly what to do when your other half has gone over theirs.

8. You've accepted that the covers will never be equally shared.


9. Being alone with their family has officially stopped being scary.

10. And is actually kind of nice.

11. In general you're not really worried about breaking up, but still...

12. Would everyone please leave you alone about "settling down"?

13. Even though you joke about being an old, married couple all the time...

14. Talking about having babies is still just a joke… right?

15. Your big relationship goal at the moment is getting a pet together.

16. You still cannot take a good selfie.

17. You've become an expert on their favourite band, show, or movie by pure osmosis.

18. And you consider it very important to keep them up to date on the highlights of your favourite show, even though they don't watch it.

19. Every conversation you have is cloaked in inside jokes.

20. And you know all of each other's jokes with other people.

21. You gossip about everyone you know.

22. You can tell them if they look like shit, and it's ok.

23. One of you is usually tidier.

24. Because opposites attract, right?

25. And the other one uses that as an excuse to be very lazy.

26. Because you know the tidy partner will do it eventually.

27. What are they going to do, break up with you over a dirty dish?

28. You didn't think so.

29. (The lazier one is usually also the smugger one.)


30. If you are both equally lazy, chores (or not doing them) become a competition.

31. And you have a silent agreement never to invite friends over to your Emporium of Filth.

32. Dealing with each other's bodily functions is still gross.

33. But not a deal breaker.

34. You know who gets the last slice of pizza before you open the box.

35. And who has to get up and turn the alarm off in the morning.

36. Shared showers are time-savers and turn-ons.

37. You honestly have no idea what stuff started out as theirs vs yours.

38. You know every ticklish spot on their body.

39. But secretly hope to find a new one by surprise.

40. You are so over social-media PDA.

41. You don't even want or need them to show their love with grand gestures.

42. It's all about the rush of endorphins when they let you pick the movie.

43. You assume they know what you mean when you say something.

44. But the truth is, you still can't ACTUALLY read each other's minds.

45. You can totally read each other's judgmental glances though.

46. You might still be pretending to like or not like something because you were trying to impress them early on.

47. But you've pretty much convinced yourself that whatever lie that was, at this point, is actually the truth.

48. You both value your alone time.

49. But going too long without them just feels unnatural.

50. But as long as they let you know they're not dead, you can deal.

51. Sometimes you just have to roll your eyes at them.

52. And it's ok.

53. You can talk about past relationships the way you talk about reruns of Friends.

54. Fighting is still draining and frustrating.

55. But you're not scared you'll break up.

56. In fact, when you fight you're mostly just like "thanks for cursing me with a toilet-lid-leaver-upper for a soul mate, Universe, real fucking funny."

57. Because no matter what they do, you still love them.


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