27 Reasons To Never Go To West London

    Not. worth. it.

    1. So lots of people are willing to pay lots of money to live in West London.

    2. For some reason everyone is convinced it's lovely.

    3. Which is crazy.

    4. Because let's be honest...

    5. West London is the absolute worst.

    6. First of all, it's so crowded.

    7. It's the most boring area of London by far.

    8. Nothing happens there.

    9. Honestly, the culture is completely non-existant.

    10. There's just nothing particularly special about it.

    11. Summers in West London are truly pathetic.

    12. And when winter hits, the whole area is completely useless.

    13. I mean, who wants to see this?

    14. West London is like the most boring guy at a party.

    15. It has no character.

    16. And even less style.

    17. Everybody there shops at Waitrose.

    18. It's just the worst.

    19. Every square inch of West London is stressful and unpleasant.

    20. Getting a breath of fresh air is pretty much impossible.

    21. This otter can not even BELIEVE it's stuck in West London.

    22. Kew Gardens is nothing but a massive mud hole.

    23. And what's so special about Richmond Park anyway?

    24. It's impossible to escape the eyesore that is Hammersmith Bridge.

    25. You have to go central or east to do anything interesting.

    26. West is basically just a wasteland at the edge of the city.

    27. How sad is it that some people actually have to live here?