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27 Times Rupert Grint Was The Best Member Of The Harry Potter Cast

Happy 27th birthday to our favourite ginger!

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1. When he won the part of Ron after auditioning with an original rap.

He also slapped on a wig and pretended to be his teacher.

2. Then won our hearts by taking the role SUPER seriously.



3. When he was brave enough to perm his hair and do a film called Thunderpants.

Mission Pictures

Perming your ginger hair while you're going through puberty in the public eye is about the most Gryffindor thing a person can do.

4. Then grew up to look like this:

Matt Lewis isn't the only one who Longbottomed, you guys.

5. When he dared to do a caricature of Alan Rickman.

And Alan Rickman responded in the best way.

6. And made it clear he was 100% on Team Snape.


7. When he bought an actual ice cream van and gave away free lollies.

8. When he was all of us trying to explain an awkward situation.

Who wouldn't be uncomfortable talking about their bum in front of Queen Emma Watson?

Who wouldn't be uncomfortable talking about their bum in front of Queen Emma Watson?

9. When he had a sexy wiggle.

10. When he let some drag performers dress him up and take him for breakfast.

Game. For. Anything.

Game. For. Anything.

11. When he gave us this tempting invitation.

Can we Slyther-in?

12. And teamed up with Robert Sheehan to get us all hot and bothered.


*fans self*

13. When he rocked Harry's face on his shirt.

Who needs a tie when you can show off your fictional BFF on your chest?

14. Then took it up a notch for Tom Felton.

The shirt that launched a million shippers.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The shirt that launched a million shippers.

15. And when he and Tom gave us so many BFF goals.

Warner Bros

Would 100% watch their reality show.

16. When he spent his massive pay cheques the way we all wish we could.

Get rich, buy llamas. A+.

Get rich, buy llamas. A+.

17. When he owned the "hungover mess" look.

He definitely woke up like this.

18. When he posed for Attitude years before Dan Rad and Matt Lewis.

And let us know he was all grown up.

19. And went all sultry hero in Wild Target.

20th Century Fox / Via

Proving he was definitely leading man material.

20. But at the end of the day just really wanted to be an Oompa-Loompa.

Warner Bros

Not sure the orange hair and the orange skin would be a good look, though.

21. When he turned out to be Ed Sheeran's stalker in the "Lego House" video.

The original Sheerio.

22. Then turned out to ACTUALLY be Ed Sheeran.


23. When he took this slime like a man.

He had a lot of practice after that scene with the dog drool in Philosopher's Stone.

24. When he carried the Olympic torch.

The Goblet of Fire IRL, am I right?

The Goblet of Fire IRL, am I right?

25. When he was a real-life inspiration to JK Rowling.


And basically WAS Ron Weasley.

26. When we hoped this was a joke.


But also kind of hoped it wasn't.

27. And when he will always be the perfect Ron.

Warner Bros

FFS, it's swish and flick.

Happy 27th birthday, Rupert!