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27 Things You Need To Have A Classy AF Harry Potter Wedding

Make that unbreakable vow in style.

Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

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Tasteful Harry Potter themed weddings. They're a thing.

And while trying to imagine planning one without magic may seem daunting, it's definitely possible.

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Ideally yours would be less eventful than Bill and Fleur's though.

Here's a few ideas to get you started...

1. First you'll need a venue that channels Hogwarts in every way.

Chatsworth House,

2. Then it will be time for a charming Save the Date.

Download the design for £21 here.

3. Followed shortly be a full-on invite, and this one is EVERYTHING.

Get sets from £80 here.

4. Or go for a more minimal but still magical design like this.

Get the printable design for £27 here.

5. Once you've said yes to the dress, say HELL YES to these shoe decals.

Get decals in the colour of your choice from £5.40.

6. And make this Ravenclaw garter your 'something blue'.

Get one with your House colours for £22 here.

7. These cufflinks are a perfect subtle accessory for suits.

Get them for £8.14 here.

8. And this bow tie is just the ticket.

Get it for £8.15 here.

9. In terms of decor, the options are endless...

Get it for £20 here.

10. You can show off your true colours with this Gryffindor bouquet.

Get it for £71 here.

11. Or opt for these recycled book bouquets to keep your favourite scenes close to heart.

Get a set of six for £16.50 here.

12. Matching boutonnieres are a must.

Get them for £5.95 each here.

13. This ring box will pull your heartstrings...

Get it for £90 here.

14. This one will choke you up...

Get it for £22 here.

15. And this one will remind you of the big adventure you're just starting.

Get it for £33 here.

16. Help everyone find their tables at the reception with these aptly titled recycled pages.

Get a set from £6 here.

17. And announce the order of service with these special edition Daily Prophets.

Get 100 for £75 here.

18. This garland is non-negotiable.

Get it for £7 here.

19. Win points with this Snitch cake topper.

Get it for £12 here.

20. Or have ALL THE FEELINGS with this one.

Get it for £12.22 here.

21. Serve up some Moste Potente Potions and accessorize with these hallowed stirrers.

Get sets from £11 here.

22. And keep these flutes on hand for bubbles.

Get a set from £10 here.

23. Manage your guest with this mischievous guest book.

Get it for £25 here.

24. Or go for this unique Whomping Willow idea.

Get it for £25 here.

25. Don't forget about favours, like these delightful tea potions.

Get them for £5 each here.

26. Or these personalised Hogwarts letters.

(They are tecnically Christmas ornaments, but I think they make perfect little souveniers.) Get 9 for £10 here.

27. And remember, to the well organised mind, marriage is but the next great adventure.

Get it for £15 here.