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27 Things You Need To Have A Classy AF Harry Potter Wedding

Make that unbreakable vow in style.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Tasteful Harry Potter themed weddings. They're a thing.

And while trying to imagine planning one without magic may seem daunting, it's definitely possible.

Here's a few ideas to get you started...

1. First you'll need a venue that channels Hogwarts in every way.

2. Then it will be time for a charming Save the Date.

3. Followed shortly be a full-on invite, and this one is EVERYTHING.

4. Or go for a more minimal but still magical design like this.

5. Once you've said yes to the dress, say HELL YES to these shoe decals.

6. And make this Ravenclaw garter your 'something blue'.

7. These cufflinks are a perfect subtle accessory for suits.

8. And this bow tie is just the ticket.

9. In terms of decor, the options are endless...

10. You can show off your true colours with this Gryffindor bouquet.

11. Or opt for these recycled book bouquets to keep your favourite scenes close to heart.

12. Matching boutonnieres are a must.

13. This ring box will pull your heartstrings...

14. This one will choke you up...

15. And this one will remind you of the big adventure you're just starting.

16. Help everyone find their tables at the reception with these aptly titled recycled pages.

17. And announce the order of service with these special edition Daily Prophets.

18. This garland is non-negotiable.

19. Win points with this Snitch cake topper.

20. Or have ALL THE FEELINGS with this one.

21. Serve up some Moste Potente Potions and accessorize with these hallowed stirrers.

22. And keep these flutes on hand for bubbles.

23. Manage your guest with this mischievous guest book.

24. Or go for this unique Whomping Willow idea.

25. Don't forget about favours, like these delightful tea potions.

26. Or these personalised Hogwarts letters.

27. And remember, to the well organised mind, marriage is but the next great adventure.