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23 Secrets Broke Couples Won't Tell You

Love don't cost a thing.

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3. But you're pretty good at finding couple time when invited on family holidays.

Thanks for the free accommodation, Mum and Dad, but we're going to hang out alone in the bedroom today ;)

4. Your idea of brunch is a little different than everyone else's.

Sleeping in and eating one less meal on weekends to save money, amiright?


7. If one of you has a birthday close to Christmas, you're screwed.

Empty wallets and empty gift bags.

8. Buying a bottle of cheap wine makes you feel hella fancy.

And happens about three times a year.


12. Your biggest arguments are about who ran the electricity metre up.


"Stop drying your hair!"

"You can charge your phone for free at work!"

"Who needs a light in the toilet?"

"Who needs a fan while they sleep?"


14. You have to get creative with romantic gestures.

It makes for great stories, though.

16. You don't do Valentine's Day.

Anniversaries, Christmas, and birthdays are enough – can u not throw in a contrived day invented to make you spend money on each other?


19. Getting engaged and married isn't about the ring.

A Ring Pop will have to do.


23. And big house or small, romantic getaways or voucher pizza nights, champagne or cheap wine, you know you can make it.