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This Is What The Harry Potter Studio Looks Like At Christmas

"I'm not going home (for Christmas), not really."

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1. 'Tis the season for woolly jumpers...

Preferably with your initials lovingly stitched in.

3. Warming drinks...

Add a shot of Firewhisky for a decent kick.

4. And bracing winter walks.

The view of the castle from Hagrid's Hut is so worth it.


5. The most magical time of the year is finally upon us...

You'd best plan a trip in to Hogsmeade to do your Christmas shopping!

6. And no one knows that better than the top-notch house elves at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Instagram: @elle_croft

Christmas + actual magic = everything good.

7. Every year, the designers at the Studio Tour recreate Christmas at Hogwarts, and it's just as magical as you would imagine.

They're actual wizards over there.


10. The Great Hall hosts a decadent Christmas feast...

Ron would be ALL OVER THIS.

12. It's GLORIOUS.

When do we move in, amirite?


14. It is everything.



19. With so many little details.

D'you think he remembered leaving that card there?

20. And even the boys' dormitory gets a holiday makeover!

The house elves probably did it, but still.


21. The Potions dungeon stays appropriately un-festive...

Would you have it any other way though?

#HogwartsInTheSnow runs at The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London until 31 January 2016.