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    22 London Breakfasts That Are Tasty As Fuck

    Rise and dine.

    1. Café Loren

    2. Blue Corner Café

    3. Craving Coffee

    Facebook: cravingcoffeeuk

    Nearest station: Tottenham Hale

    Craving Coffee ramps up the flavour on all your favourite breakfast orders and offers lots of unique options, like their to-die-for breakfast bánh mi.

    4. El Vergel

    5. Green Room Café

    6. Polpo

    7. The Hungry Donkey

    Facebook: thehungrydonkey

    Nearest station: Aldgate East

    This East London Greek haunt does a killer breakfast fry up, and is open from 8am so there's no excuse not to catch a proper meal on your way into the office.

    8. Cereal Killer Café

    9. Lucky Seven Diner

    10. Bad Egg

    Facebook: badegglondon

    Closest station: Moorgate

    Nobody does a good egg like Bad Egg, and even better: you can grab brekkie all day long. They even serve a fried egg over their chips, so what are you even waiting for?

    11. Fingers Crossed

    Facebook: fingerscrossedcafe

    Nearest station: Rectory Road

    This delightful spot often draws a queue, but the pancakes are definitely worth it. Their savoury breakfast is not one to miss, either.

    12. Berners Tavern

    Facebook: BernersTavern

    Nearest station: Oxford Circus

    For a rich waffle, look no further than Berners Tavern, where you can enjoy a super-sweet breakfast in a super-comfy booth. If you're aiming for a more savoury breakfast, the Eggs Benedict are fab and the avocado toast lives up to its hype.

    13. Dishoom

    14. Arancini Brothers

    15. The Modern Pantry

    16. Pacific Social Club

    17. Milk

    18. Cubio Cabal

    Facebook: CurioCabal

    Nearest station: Haggerston

    You can grab a super-yummy classic breakfast near the station at Cubio Cabal. Choose from a number of toasts for under £5.50, or enjoy the splendid veggie breakfast for a tenner.

    19. Guanabana

    20. Peckham Pelican

    Laura Silver / BuzzFeed

    Nearest station: Peckham Rye

    For a delicious variety of things on toast for under a fiver, pop over to the Peckham Pelican, where you'll also find a nice chill vibe and lovely coffee.

    21. Evin Café and Restaurant

    22. Archibald's

    Facebook: archibaldslee

    Nearest station: Hither Green

    A little bit of a trip is worth it for this stellar treat. Locally sourced and super independent, this place serves home-cooked meals without the mess and has the loveliest garden to boot.

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