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This Is What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries

How do you take it?

1. Japan

Flickr: 7369638@N02 / Creative Commons

Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan using finely ground, high-quality green tea leaves. It's traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

2. India

3. Britain

Getty Images/iStockphoto AntiGerasim

Black tea in the UK can be served on its own or with milk and/or sugar and is taken several times a day. Aim for a golden colour when pouring you milk, and for the love of god, brew the tea first.

4. Turkey

Flickr: 10527553@N03 / Creative Commons

Turkish coffee may be the country's most famous warm drink, but cay tea is its most popular, served with every meal, and often in between. The black tea doesn't take milk, but can be served with or without sugar and is usually brewed in a really confusing two-chamber pot.

5. Tibet

6. Morocco

Flickr: lizziemoch / Creative Commons

Spearmint is steeped in green tea for this drink, popular in Morocco and across much of North Africa. Learn how to brew your own here.

7. Hong Kong

Flickr: 71284893@N00 / Creative Commons

Famous in Hong Kong is iced milk tea known as pantyhose tea or silk stocking tea because it's similar in colour to nude stockings, no joke. To make, combine strong chilled black tea with evaporated or condensed milk and serve over ice.

8. Taiwan

9. USA

Flickr: avantreese / Creative Commons

Sweet iced tea is the lifeblood of the American South. Usually made using strong-brewed Lipton tea and sugar, you can add lemon, or a pinch of baking soda for smoothness. Try out some variations on the classic with these recipes.

10. Russia

11. Pakistan / Creative Commons

Chai isn't exclusive to India. Spicy and creamy masala chai is a favourite for Pakistani afternoon tea, and you can use basic English breakfast tea as a base.

12. Thailand

Flickr: soyousay

Cha yen is Thailand's take on iced milk tea, and it combines condensed milk and brewed Thai Tea Mix.

13. China

Getty Images/iStockphoto Mark Stout

The Chinese love their tea, and drink a wide range of flavours and colours. Pictured is yellow leaf pu-erh tea, which is packaged in bricks or balls, crumbled into the cup, and steeped in hot water.

14. Egypt

15. Mongolia

16. Kenya

Flickr: maureendidde / Creative Commons

Kenya likes to export its tea and have it too. The country produces simple black tea, but favours chai.

17. Argentina

Flickr: juanpol / Creative Commons

Yerba mate is a vitamin-packed green tea grown and drunk throughout South America, as well as in Portugal, Lebanon, and Syria. It has a signature smoky flavour and can be served hot or cold.

18. South Africa

Flickr: 60430646@N06 / Creative Commons

The Rooibos plant produces a bright red tea, and is found exclusively in South Africa. Typically served on its own without sugar or milk, the tea has a naturally mild and sweet flavour, and is a great before bed cuppa.

19. Qatar

20. Mauritania

Flickr: austinevan / Creative Commons

Mauritania's version of the popular north African mint green tea has a specific serving ritual. Drinkers take three cups each, increasing the sweetness of every new cup, so you start bitter and end sweet.

21. Malaysia

22. Kuwait

The Malaysian tea is usually served hot, and the Qatari tea is served with evaporated milk. An earlier post misstated that the Malaysian tea is served cold and that the Qatari tea is made with evaporated sugar.