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    21 Things To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

    Everything you need to know about getting your first tattoo.

    1. Start small.

    2. Know your pain tolerance.

    3. Consider timing.

    4. Don't do it on the cheap.

    5. Research your artist.

    6. Choose wisely.

    7. Keep your face out of it.

    8. Sleep on it.

    9. Commit.

    10. Buy something like Bepanthen+ in advance.

    11. Don't stress.

    12. Take a buddy.

    13. Ask questions.

    14. Bring a visual aid.

    15. You might get shaved.

    16. Tip your artist.

    17. Don't be afraid to go back for a touch-up.

    18. Know how things are going to work in the shower.

    19. Follow your care directions.

    20. Other people will make your tattoo their business.

    21. If it's right for you, it's right.

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