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    19 London Restaurants That Actually Have Lots Of Vegetarian Selections

    Carnivore and herbivore friendly menus.

    1. La Polenteria, Soho

    Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed
    Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed

    First of all, polenta is delicious and it goes with everything, so this concept restaurant that serves polenta-based apps and entrees will satisfy vegans, veggies, and meat-eaters. Their spring menu features polenta gnocchi, grilled polenta with beef, cheesy and vegan polenta domes, and a lot of other really delicious options.

    It's also gluten-free without losing out on any taste, so literally this lovely little restaurant is for anyone and everyone.

    2. Farm Girl Café, Notting Hill

    This West London café is run by an Aussie couple with different tastes, giving it an eclectic and varied menu for different styles of diners. Their all-day breakfast menu is vegetarian at base, with options to add in chicken, beef, or salmon, while their lunch and dinner menu offers a brilliant veggie "coconut bacon" BLT (pictured), crab cakes, and harissa-marinated beef rump sandwiches.

    3. Honey and Co, Fitzrovia

    4. Arancini Brothers, Kentish Town

    Facebook: 160347407965

    FRIED. RICE. BALLS. Literally who isn't into that? Even better, Arancini Brothers offer a pretty wide selection of dips and fillings, not to mention burgers, wraps, and their veggie breakfast burger featuring a fried risotto patty.

    5. Lardo, Hackney

    Facebook: lardolondon

    You may not know exactly what to expect from ever-changing menu at Lardo, but you can rest assured that there will be a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for carnivores and herbivores alike. The pizzeria always has a steady offering of veggie and meaty pizzas, not to mention arrays of small plates that will make it easy to mix and match the meal for mixed and matched diets.

    6. Gaylord Restaurant, Fitzrovia

    7. Taro, Soho

    8. Grain Store, King's Cross

    This really charming spot tucked into the arches near King's Cross is a dream for anyone looking to accommodate various diets while still getting big flavours for everyone. The creative fusion menu offers cool entrees like a coconut milk bun with kimchi and pork, and more vegetarian-friendly fare like their "Chilli con Veggie".

    9. La Bodega Negra, Soho

    10. Caravan, King's Cross

    11. The Dairy, Clapham

    Facebook: 262882730511585

    This stunning farm fresh seasonal restaurant is a must-do for local produce and meat. Their menu features a whole vegetarian section with inventive options like beetroot tartare and artichoke truffle. But fear not carnivores, you'll also find a 51 day Black Angus Denver steak, veal, and plenty of surf and turf options if you want your pound of flesh.

    12. Yalla Yalla, Soho

    Facebook: 199737880039449

    This yummy Lebanese joint has locations near Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square, and is ideal for a take-what-you-want spread, which allows you to order plenty of small plates to cater to veggies and carnivores alike.

    13. Polpo, Covent Garden

    14. Delhi Grill, Islington

    Facebook: delhigrill

    Inspired by Indian street food, this Chapel Market establishment is a must-dine for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. With a varied, pick-and-choose menu, it's ideal for diners with different tastes. Not to mention it's super cheap, so you can team up to try several plates.

    15. D/F Mexico, Spitalfields

    Facebook: DFMexicoDiner

    This Mexican cantina is the perfect place for a mixed diet crew. Affordable and tasty, the cool joint admittedly offers a bigger carnivore spread than it does for veggies, but there's still options for veggie burritos, tacos, and skillets, and I can confirm they are all very yummy.

    16. The Blue Legume, Stoke Newington

    17. The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

    18. Moro, Farringdon

    19. The Haberdashery, Crouch End

    This locally sourced spot with locations in Crouch End and Stoke Newington is a must for anyone who likes to eat fresh, a preference even herbivores and carnivores can agree on. With plenty of yummy breakfast items, and a savoury breakfast plate just for veggies, The Haberdashery has varied diets in mind, so it's an easy bet for diners with different preferences.