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19 Gadgets Every Adult Needs In Their Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets are the toys of adulthood.

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1. A 3-in-1 hand blender, £22

Get it if: You're an omelette, soup, and smoothie enthusiast. It comes with three separate attachments, including a pretty impressive little food processor, offers two speeds, and makes clean-up easy.

Skip it if: You like to cook in bulk. While the emulsion and whisk can be used in a bigger pot if you're cooking for two, the food processor can handle about a handful of any given veg at a time.

2. A microwave steamer, £14.99

Get it if: You're trying to eat healthy on the quick and easy. Just toss in your veg and a cup of water, pop the case in the microwave for a few minutes, and you have a warm and oil-free side. It's easy to clean and takes up minimal space, plus is pretty easily portable for steaming veggies in the office.

Skip it if: You've got time and space to use a traditional steamer, or if you're going to steam a lot of fish. You can't get that smell out after a while.

3. A pasta measurer, £8.50

Get it if: You've got perpetual pasta bloat and can't be trusted to save the leftovers for tomorrow. This measurer lets you adjust for 1 - 4 servings, so you can get it just right every time.

Skip it if: You've got a naturally good eye for these things, or you prefer smaller, shaped pastas.

4. A breakfast sandwich maker, £50

Get it if: You're always hitting McDonalds on the way to work, or if you're a huge "breakfast for dinner" person. The brilliant little gadget makes slapping a breakfast sandwich together in the comfort of your own home easy, and arguably healthier than take-away options, since you control the quality and amount of stuff that goes in there.

Skip it if: You know that breakfast burritos are the real deal and breakfast sandwiches only can only aspire. Also if you've got a decent toaster, frying pan, and enough time to cook and clean up.


5. A handheld spiraliser, £10

Get it if: You're down with courgetti, going raw or vegan, or you just love a well-textured salad. This handy little gadget can turn veg into noodles and ribbons, perfect for creating lighter dishes or jazzing up soups and salads.

Skip it if: You have any delusions that courgette noodles can replace pasta. If you're not going to do this for the occasional novelty, or to combine 50/50 with your good-old-fashioned spaghetti, there's a good chance you'll be quickly disappointed.

6. A slow cooker, £25.49

Get it if: You love warming, one pot meals and are looking to shave off a bit of the time and effort of prepping dinner. Prep your meal the night before, toss it in the pot, and turn it on before you go to work the next morning so you can come home to a steaming pot of yum.

Skip it if: You won't use it regularly. A slow cooker is a huge help if it fits into your lifestyle, but if it's not great for your schedule, it just takes up space.

7. An electric grinder, £13.99

Get it if: You drink a lot of coffee, cook with a lot of flavour, or do a lot of baking. This handy grinder isn't just perfect for a fresh pot of coffee, but also for grinding up rare or bulk spices for curries and other meals, not to mention lets you turn nuts into dust perfect for sprinkling on porridge or desserts.

Skip it if: You live in a small flat or shared flat as grinding is LOUD, or if you're more concerned with cooking speedily than paring down on prepackaged goods.

8. A digital kitchen scale, £11.99

Get it if: You love trying out new recipes, are on a strict diet, or just love doing things to the letter. Make sure everything goes into a dish exactly as intended by measuring everything out before you toss it in with a multi-measurment scale. This one measures in grams and ounces so you can follow international recipes, and even has a removable mixing bowl so you can measure powders and liquids with ease.

Skip it if: You're an improvisor in the kitchen or are already stocked up with measuring jugs and cups.


9. A bamboo steamer, £14.99

Get it if: You're looking to minimise time and space used in the kitchen, or experiment with traditional recipes. Boil some rice in your wok and set your steamer to save energy, heat, and time. This one has two tiers so you can add some variety as well.

Skip it if: You've not got a lot of storage space in the kitchen.

10. A mezzaluna, £16.99

Get it if: You prepare a lot of salads or want to cook with more fresh herbs. The little half moon blade makes it easy to chop up greens in a matter of minutes so that when you say "I just threw this together" you really mean it.

Skip it if: You've already got an herb grinder or you haven't got a heavy-duty chopping board.

11. A serious food processor, £61.36

Get it if: You're serious about making dips, sauces, and nut butters. This 2-speed processor with a pulse option makes getting the perfect consistency for your salsa a breeze, and you'll never have to buy bottled pesto again.

Skip it if: You just want a food processor to chop onions, or if you're looking for something quite easy to clean.

12. An egg boiler, £12.99

Get it if: You're an egg and soldiers fiend, or are cooking in bulk. This boiler will allow you to set your desired softness, and comes with attachments to help you poach and steam as well.

Skip it if: You only boil and egg or two on occasion.


13. A fat-separating jug, £7.49

Get it if: You're trying to shave off some unhealthy ingredients without giving up your favourite meals. If you're a roast dinner fan, using this fat seperater to drain your gravy can instantly make your meal healthier with minimal work and sacrifice. Alternatively, the jug is a great way to save fat for future cooking use.

Skip it if: You want to keep your occasional indulgence (also fine!)

14. A silicon egg poacher, £4.99

Get it if: You're trying to eat healthier, or have ever messed up a freeform poached egg. These poaching cups make it easy and quick: Just crack it inside the silicone and use a ladle to lower the silicone into boiling water. The egg will keeps its shape, and your pot will stay clean.

Skip it if: You have the magic ability to poach a naked egg.

15. A rice cooker, £33.99

Get it if: You have trouble cooking for rice to the right consistency, or you always get that dreaded layer stuck to the bottom of the pan. This little pot will cook your rice perfect, and also has a little compartment for steaming vegetables.

Skip it if: You don't have abundant counter space, or have a nice steamer or slow cooker already.

16. A potato ricer, £13.95

Get it if: You eat a lot of mash, or you're expecting and want to make your own baby food. A ricer lets you easily puree food without a blender; simply boil the veg and push it through for soft and consistent mash.

Skip it if: You don't mind chunkier mash or you've already got a quite reliable blender or mixer.


17. An egg topper, £7.94

Get it if: You love dunking toast soldiers into a 3-minute egg. If your yolk often cooks through while you're trying to remove its hat, invest in one of these little gadgets to open it up perfectly right away.

Skip it if: You're not bothered by a hard yolk.

18. An Aeropress, £21.25

Get it if: You want a no-fuss espresso in the comfort of your own home. The Aeropress is quite honestly the only good way to get a good espresso shot at home for under £100, plus it's small and easy to clean.

Skip it if: You prefer a filter coffee or something iced.