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17 Incredibly Affordable Places To Stay Around The World

Adventure's at your doorstep.

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1. TuboHotel, Mexico, £20/Night

Accommodates: 2 guests

Why stay here: The novelty of sleeping in an outdoor tube with modern interiors and wild exteriors is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The rooms are thermally insulated for cold weather, and the hotel is only 45 minutes from Mexico City.


6. Fairy's Grotto, Spain £63/Night

Accommodates: 6 guests

Why stay here: Fairy's Grotto provides both a cosy underground retreat as well as a refreshing open-air rooftop terrace, and has plenty of space and amenities for families or group trips. It's just 10 minutes from the city centre of Baza, and boasts beautiful Spanish weather.

7. The Lono Hale, Hawaii, £35/Night

Accommodates: 2 guests

Why stay here: If you'd like to escape the city life, there's no better place to retreat to than this solitary open-air hut in Pahoa, Hawaii. With a queen bed and beautiful view of bamboo, you'll be able to commune with nature in comfort and ease.


9. Puka Hale, Hawaii, £19/Night

Accommodates: 2 guests

Why stay here: Daredevils and science buffs will love the concept of Puka Hale, which rests in a dormant volcanic crater in Hawaii. Surrounded by lush jungle, Puka Hale is a perfect home-base for hikers and explorers.

12. Aloha Love Bus, Hawaii, £19/Night

Accommodates: 2 guests

Why stay here: Get your groove back at this novel renovated bus in the Hawaiian jungle. In many ways, the love bus harkens back to hippy days, but provides wireless internet access, so is really the best of both worlds.


16. Camel Campus, United Arab Emirates, £19/Night

Accommodates: 2 guests

Why stay here: Students and backpackers will love the social hostel atmosphere of Camel Campus. Equipped with an in-house Shisha lounge and plenty of entertainment amenities, it's a great home-base for exploring Ajman, UAE.

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