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17 Things To Do In London If You Don't Drink

Dry not dull.

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1. Get drunk on words at Book Slam.

Book Slam is London's premier night out for literature lovers. London's "first/best/only literary night club" is a great way to spend a dry night. While booze is served, there's so much more to focus on at Book Slam's events, like live readings, music, signings, and round tables, that you won't miss holding a glass in your hand.

2. Grab dinner and virgin drinks at the dry vegan bar Redemption.

Instagram: @catherinesalway

If you can't bear to face any temptation, head for an evening at Redemption, where alcohol abstinence is the norm. The Notting Hill dry bar and restaurant specialises in yummy vegan delicacies and speciality healthy mocktails, like their apple mock-hito and beet-o-tini, to make going booze-free easy.

3. Enjoy endless tea, biscuits, games, and more at Ziferblat on Old Street.

This charming pay-by-the-minute cafe gives you unlimited access to boardgames, workshops, tea, coffee, snacks, and a relaxed, friendly vibe to wait out the dry month. The fee is just 5p a minute (£3 an hour), and is open 'til 11pm seven days a week, making it the perfect alternative to the pub.

4. Rack up the points at Bar Kick.

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If you're the only one of your mates going dry this January, invite the gang out for some casual drinks and rounds of table football at Kick in Shoreditch. Your friends can booze as hard as they like while you enjoy Kick's nice selection of virgin beverages, all the while besting your tipsy friends at foozeball with your razor-sharp, sober reflexes.


5. Have a stretch and some supper with the Secret Yoga Club.

For a clean and refreshing evening, keeps tabs on this elusive and nomadic night out. Every month, SYC meets at a different venue and hosts a yoga session followed by a gourmet meal. January's event will be in Dalston in conjunction with Free People activewear.

6. Treat yourself to a luxurious hot chocolate at Said.

Instagram: @londoncoffeebreak

A pint is completely passé in comparison to a rich and warming treat from Soho's Said. The charming and intimate cafe does tasty meals, but more importantly, it does killer decadent hot chocolates. It's open 'til 10pm and perpetually cosy, so you can count on Said for a proper place to hang out without boozy temptations.

7. Go for a different kind of cocktail at the Cereal Killer Café.

Facebook: cerealkilleruk

Curb your alcohol cravings with a bit of nostalgia and a lot of sugar at The Cereal Killer Café, where you can binge on clever "cereal cocktails" like the Choccopotomus or the Feckin Nut Job, which mix the shop's novelty cereals into one delicious bowl.

8. Hit the lanes or the rink at Queens Ice and Bowl.

Instagram: @sheikhnycfc

The Queensway entertainment hot spot may serve booze, but you're better off without it if you want to play to win. Enjoy a couple of rounds of bowling followed by some sober (aka safe) ice skating, then grab a coffee or tea at the independent cafe 40's across the street.


9. Opt for pots, not pints, at Yumchaa.

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Replace endless taps with a massive selection of delightful loose-leaf tea. Yumchaa offers an incredible range of tasty teas, full strength and decaf, to take the edge off the sober month. As a bonus, the Tottenham Court and Berwick Street locations are open 'til 8, so while your friends are earning hangovers, you can enjoy a cosy night out with minimal damage.

10. Soak up the famous mocktail mai tai at Trader Vic's.

If you can withstand temptation, grab dinner and drinks at Green Park's beloved Japanese restaurant Trader Vic's. The hot spot is famous for its signature mai tais, but word on the street is that the virgin version is just as good, and will keep you on track for dry January and, even better, fresh for an early morning the next day.

11. Drink (tea), shop, and do at Drink, Shop, Do.

Instagram: @emmajjmorgan

Keep yourself busy with the activities at this charming King's Cross establishment. Drink, Shop, Do offers regular creative workshops, not to mention dancing, karaoke, and yummy nibbles and drink, to keep you occupied while you're abstaining.

12. Keep your wits about you on a Time Run.

This "escape the room"-style adventure requires your best self to win, so you'll be glad not to be weighed down with booze while you're racing the clock to escape and claim your prize.


13. Settle in to a marathon at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Flickr: sam_carpenter1974

If you can't trust yourself not to cheat at the pub, book yourself up for the night at one of the famous movie marathons at the personality-packed Leicester Square cinema, and if you don't need any liquid courage to belt out your favourite tunes, check out their sing-along options.

14. Enjoy the whimsy (and the chocolate fondue) at Choccywoccydoodah.

Instagram: @katjalater

Giving up alcoholism for chocoholism is a completely respectable life choice, and there's no better place to start than the quirky and completely delicious Soho chocolate shop. With a luxurious menu and a lovely view of Carnaby Street from its intimate upstairs café, it's the perfect alternative to a Soho bar – and it's tastier, I promise.

17. Get an endorphin buzz at a cool new fitness class.

Instagram: @houseofvoga

If you need a pick-me-up and a booze-free party atmosphere, look no further than London's offering of alternative fitness classes. Choose from "voga", Beyonce dance moves, hula hoop fitness, and more.