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    16 Stunning Green Spaces In London

    For when you need a breather in central and greater London.

    1. Camley Street Nature Park, N1C

    Tucked right into the centre of central London, this gem of green space boasts castles, turtles, and plenty of fresh air.

    More information here.

    2. Fishponds Wood, SW20

    This lovely little pond in Merton is a great spot for sighting butterflies, dragonflies, and frogs.

    More information here.

    3. Bramley Bank, CR2

    Croydon's vast woodland is home to violets and enchanter's nightshade, and is a picture perfect lace for a picnic.

    More information here.

    4. Gunnersbury Triangle, W4

    Flickr: 20733863@N08

    If you're looking for a green getaway in Chiswick, escape to the serene paths of Gunnersbury Triangle, where you'll find an array of birds and butterflies.

    More information here.

    5. Woodbury Wetlands, N4

    This lovely spot just ten minutes from Manor House station is an excellent place to get away for the day.

    More information here.

    6. Oak Hill Wood, EN4

    Find some perfect hiking terrain in this north London escape. It's also home to bats, so keep an eye out!

    More information here.

    7. Riddlesdown, CR8

    Flickr: dave_pinkney

    Home to rare juniper trees and wildflowers, Riddlesdown makes for an excellent and interesting pasture walk that will make you feel like you're truly in the countryside.

    More information here.

    8. Sydenham Hill Wood, SE26

    Follow a path that's overgrown an old railway line through the dense woods of this stunning reserve.

    More information here.

    9. Totteridge Fields, NW7

    This huge expanse of meadow and woodlands near Edgware is perfect for butterfly spotting and long walks.

    More information here.

    10. Uxbridge Moor, UB8

    This gorgeous island reserve is situated between two meadows in Hillingdon, and is a great spot for spotting waterbirds or just watching the river from under the boughs of a willow.

    More information here.

    11. Wilderness Island, SM5

    Wilderness Island sounds like the name of a reality show, but in fact the reserve offers peaceful waterside and wood walks.

    More information here.

    12. Saltbox Hill, TN16

    The downland was a regular walking spot for Charles Darwin, and is home to some gorgeous pyramidal orchids.

    More information here.

    13. Beach Hill Lake, EN4


    Known as Jack's Lake to locals in Barnet, this popular fishing spot is an ideal retreat from the city.

    More information here.

    14. Highgate Wood, N10

    This expansive ancient woodland is perfect for a calming walk – just watch out for vampires.

    More information here.

    15. Epping Forest, IG10

    Epping Forest is so huge it's practically a world of its own, so if you're looking to leave the city without really leaving the city, here's your spot.

    More information here.

    16. Walthamstow Wetlands, N17

    The Walthamstow Wetlands are currently under works, but will open in 2017 as a beautiful and redesigned reserve that you can't miss, so watch this space.

    More information here.

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