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    14 Diagrams That Will Change The Way You Look At London

    Fourteen thousand, six hundred, and 16 Londoners are drinking tea at this very minute.

    1. London consumes 146,148 pints every hour.

    East Village London / Via

    2. There are 1,038 galleries and museums in the city.

    3. Big Ben is the bell, not the clock.

    4. There are more twentysomething single men in London than women.

    From London: The Information Capital by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti, published by Particular Books.

    5. A typical first date in London is worth about £77.

    6. Over the last 100 years, the London population has doubled and the average income has increased by 3,200%.

    Check-in-London / Via

    7. London has more restaurants, but Paris has better (and more expensive) ones.

    8. You can actually get married on the London Eye.

    9. Londoners are some of the world's most educated urbanites.

    10. Up to 64% of vehicles on main roads during morning rush hour are bicycles.

    First Personal Injury / Via

    11. London may not have the beaches of Sydney, but it's second to none when it comes to rolling green parks.

    From Expedia.

    12. London has the most billionaires.

    13. New Cross is for poor hipsters, apparently.

    HostelBookers / Via

    While Soho is for rich hipsters, Notting Hill is made up of white people with dreads, and Hyde Park is all Russian Oil barons and the trohpy wives who love them.

    From HostelBookers.

    14. London is a bona fide film star.

    Universal Pictures

    For the interactive movie map of London, click here.

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