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    15 Tips To Win At Life In A Shared House

    Your mum doesn't live here.

    1. Resist, request, replace.

    2. Optimise your space.

    You can't always get what you want in shared space, so make the most of what's yours.

    Find furniture that serves a dual purpose. Drawers under the bed are genius and storage ottomans are another gem. Use this space to store all those things you're afraid your roomies won't resist, request, or replace!

    Use helpful DIYs. Hack your tiny room on the cheap for comfort and convenience.

    Minimalise. Clean out your old stuff to make room for your actually important stuff, and create a safer and calmer personal space in the process. Even if it's madness outside your bedroom door, you'll have your own zen spot to retreat to.

    3. Do your dishes!

    4. Make a food plan.

    Do not upset the delicate balance that is your food arrangement with your housemates. Agree early on how you'll share or not share edibles to avoid frustration and starvation later in the game. If you're not sure what route to go, try some of these suggestions from reddit:

    Share kitchen basics: Communal condiments, spices, and dairy will make sure these staples are used up before they're expired and replaced quickly.

    Have a communal "free shelf." Everyone should have their own separate cabinet/box/shelf for the food they bought and no should should venture beyond their own space, but designate a "free shelf" to leave items that are up for grabs. If there's always something free, people are less likely to dive into their housemate's stash. Use the free shelf for items you can't finish before you expire, foods you didn't like, or you just want to share some biscuits because you're such. a good. person.

    Always leave enough for a final helping. Even if you have a lax food sharing policy in your house, if you're eating something that you didn't buy, always leave a healthy portion for the owner.

    5. Choose your battles.

    6. Make housework a no-brainer.

    7. Be in the know.

    8. Get on top of shared finance.

    9. Make shared spaces more accessible for everyone.

    Everyone should make an effort to keep shared space and storage organised. It will speed up everyone's schedules and decrease small annoyances.

    Organise the fridge. If you share a fridge, get that thing under control! Use assigned pull-out bins to keep everyone's food separate, oraganised, and easy to access for quick meals.

    By-the-door storage. Assign everyone in the house a hook or bin by the door to keep umbrellas, keys, and other what-nots we all like to drop as soon as we walk in.

    Optimise the bathroom. Keep it clean in the shower and toilet space, and use clever storage and tips to make sure everyone has what they need while washing up.

    10. Agree on a chore system.

    Keep it clean! Find a cleaning routine that works for everyone in the house to make sure things are tidy, or at least not gross!

    Agree on a cleaning rota. Have a house chat and agree on a weekly cleaning schedule that works for everyone. Use a wheel or card system, or log responsibilities into a shared calendar to keep things fair and on track.

    Assign areas. Instead of using a rota to assign different tasks every day/week/month, assign every housemate specific tasks or areas that they are always responsible for. For example, you're in charge of the kitchen and rubbish, while your housemate keeps the lounge and bathrooms clean.

    Hire a cleaner. If cleaning is a pain for everyone in the house, hire a cleaner. Bi-weekly cleanings in London can cost between £44-60 per month, and if everyone chips in, it's a worthy stress-reliever! Use an app like Mopp to find a background-checked cleaner near you.

    11. Make time for each other.

    12. Cheap household solutions can simplify chore feuds.

    13. Celebrate your common ground.

    14. Phone it in.

    15. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    Thanks to this reddit thread for some great ideas!