I'm Obsessed With "The Greatest Showman" So Yes, I Had To Rank All Of The Songs

    Did it take hours? You bet.

    First, I'd like to start by saying that I'm still very bitter that La La Land was Oscar nommed for Best Picture and Greatest Showman wasn't, okay? This movie is a visually stunning story of love, friendship, and accepting what makes you different.

    I know not everyone will agree with my opinions, but I promise I put a lot of thought into this. In fact, I broke it down to a science. Here's how I'm judging: the actual greatness of the music/lyrics, its relation to the story, and the actual musical number in the movie. Ready? Let's go!

    9. "Tightrope"

    8. "Never Enough"

    7. "The Other Side"

    6. "Come Alive"

    5. "The Greatest Show"

    4. "This Is Me"

    3. "A Million Dreams"

    2. "From Now On"

    1. "Rewrite the Stars"

    Anyway, I'm gonna go rewatch the greatest movie musical of a generation, learn how to trapeze, and send a thank you tweet to Pasek and Paul. Let me know your top song in the comments!