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    29 Instaworthy Things For Your Pet To Wear

    I'm talking options for cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, and even hens, people.

    1. A faux-snakeskin shirt if your cat watched Zoolander with you *ONCE* and now they're obsessed with doing whatever it takes to become a top model.

    2. A clear, streetwear-style raincoat that proves your pup is the one and only hypebeast in your family.

    3. An adjustable hat for your hen if they've recently developed a following and need to step it up a bit in the fashion department to keep everyone intrigued.

    4. A color-blocked hoodie in cotton candy shades just as sweet as all the human treats they *wish* they could eat but can't. Alas, you can throw a Milk-Bone their way and they'll be justttt as happy.

    5. A feathered Christian Cowan x Maxbone jumper if they've decided to try their hand (err, paw) at haute couture styles in anticipation of the forthcoming Sex and the City reboot.

    6. A pair of bat wings since it's (somehow) already October and they've got 30 days to show just what kind of costumes they've got up their furry little sleeve.

    7. A luxe cable-knit sweater for the pup who 1) Was likely an Irish fisherman in a past life or 2) Is channeling hot guy fall à la Chris Evans.

    8. A cozy bunny ear sweater because for some reason, a dog or cat dressing as a rabbit is just so funny. Maybe this is a me thing but I feel like it's universal??

    9. Or — if you're a guinea pig momma or poppa — a hand-knit option made just for them.

    10. A striped turtleneck tee should your kitty's closet be in desperate need of basic fall essentials. 🍁 ☕️

    11. A striped, pom-pom-bedecked hat that'll keep their noggin nice and toasty during meet-and-greets in the park.

    a dog wearing the cream, orange, and teal striped hat

    12. A faux-fur collared sweater for hairless breeds that could use some extra warmth but with a side of style that matches their dramatic personality.

    13. A medium-weight, long-sleeve turtleneck number if your pup's followers have come to expect loungewear reccos alongside every new pic.

    14. A freakin' bunny bucket hat so your pet can tape an IG live outdoors without the sun getting in their tiny, delicate eyes.

    15. A beret and cape set that they can wear while you binge your guilty pleasure (Emily in Paris) or actual favorite film — Amélie.

    a small dog wearing a beret and cape in brown and black

    16. A blinged-out collar with crystals and capped letters because like Madonna, Rihanna, or Beyoncé, they need only go by one name.

    17. Or, an equally pretty pearl option if their fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama.

    18. A Hocus Pocus– or Nightmare Before Christmas–themed shirt for anyone diving headfirst into everything and anything Halloween themed now that spooky season is afoot.

    19. A pair of denim overalls that is just too. freaking. cute. for words. The manufacturer says it's also great for protecting against ticks outdoors, but let's be real — that's not why anyone is buying these and that's perfectly OK!

    20. A leopard turtleneck sweater to keep them warm when temperatures really dip and it's finally time to create ALL the cozy content.

    21. A matching bandana and scrunchie so you can pull off a stylish mommy (or daddy) and me outfit. Since each set is handmade, chances are slim you'll run into someone else wearing the same thing.

    22. A fun fruit cap for anyone who (like me) has developed an obsession with Pot Roast — a toothless, 5-pound TikTok sensation with a penchant for hats.

    23. A set of polka-dotted neckties if every time you go to take your pet's photo, they stare into the camera just like Jim and Dwight. Might as well make the most of it, right?

    24. A lavish faux-fur coat for the pup who becomes *so* dramatic the second temperatures start to slip.

    25. An autumn-appropriate bandana if your furry friend absolutely refuses to wear anything you have to pull over their head. TBH this may be pushing it but it's your best bet for any fall-themed photoshoots.

    26. A two-piece Sherlock Holmes-inspired getup for pets whose favorite activity is cuddling up on the couch and settling in for an Unsolved Mysteries</