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    28 Fun Fall Things You Can Snag For $10 Or Less

    Pumpkin nail decals, velvet scrunchies, apple cider bath bombs, and more cozy treats.

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    1. An apple cider bath bomb if lighting a fall candle simply isn't enough and your next step is to turn *yourself* into an autumnal stew.

    the orange sparkly bath bomb with a leaf on top

    2. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that'll protect your peepers during eight-hour work days. Ofc they'll also look *incredible* with all your blanket scarves.

    3. A set of nail decals in a cutesy pumpkin pattern or dark starry design that will have people asking how you can afford such detailed manicures every week.

    4. A "Bonfire Bash" fragrance mist so you can instantly smell like an enticing mix of vanilla bourbon, creamy sandalwood, and cashmere musk even if you're on day four of dry shampoo.

    Bottles of bonfire bash fragrance, body cream, lotion, and body wash

    5. A set of velvety scrunchies if your go-to fall fit is oversized knits and a big ol' messy bun (albeit a fraught-over one, at that).

    a model wearing a mustard hair scrunchie

    6. Or a trio of no-slip claw clips for those looking to put in ~even less effort~. Throw your hair up in two seconds or less and look chic all the while?? Sign me up.

    7. An ~affordable~ and aesthetic candle subscription because IT'S OFFICIALLY FALL and there's simply nothing cozier than lighting up a new scent and crawling under the covers.

    8. A matte liquid lipstick as temperatures are finally dropping enough that it *won't* immediately melt off! Can you even imagine.

    9. A three-pack of wax melts — in scents like hot apple pie, cozy cashmere, and warm cinnamon buns — so you can hide the fact that your apartment smells like Domino's more nights than not.

    10. A crinkly, catnip- and silver vine-laced Meow Mocha and croissant toy set if you — like me — use every change in season as an excuse to buy your fur baby new toys.

    11. A new nail polish to get you in the spooky season spirit. My personal fave shades include Don't Be Latte, Cold Brew Crew, and Now or Never.

    12. A pumpkin-shaped caramel latte candle if you can always use more gourd-inspired decor but *do* already have about 100 PSL-scented wax melts, reed diffusers, plug-ins, and candles.

    the glass pumpkin candle

    13. A box of matches so you can light up your favorite fall scents in a way that feels way more gratifying than sparking a Bic.

    the box of matches

    14. A pressed floral bookmark ready to hold your spot in whatever murder mystery you just picked up. Turns out this works a whole lot better than dog-earring the pages 🤷‍♀️

    A person holding floral bookmarks

    15. A pair of on-the-nose socks if you have no shame in your PSL game. (PS: You shouldn't!!!!)

    the green and yellow socks which have pumpkin muffins, bread, and coffee on them

    16. A pair of plaid pillow covers because you've been spending a lot of time on the couch lately and they'd not only make it cozier, but more festive, too.

    four throw pillows in orange and black plaid

    17. A plaid blanket scarf that'll soon be the most versatile piece in your closet. You can wear it as a regular ol' scarf, unfurl it into a shawl, fashion it into a travel pillow, or just use to trap your cat/dog in a burrito-style swaddle when you're ready to marathon some Disney Halloween movies.

    18. A set of maple leaf string lights if you love the look of the outdoors but don't actually enjoy spending a whole lot of time outside.

    19. A cat and toad Halloween notepad where you can scribble down grocery lists and dates you need to remember or just practice that stylized S every '90s kid was obsessed with because you've been on hold with DoorDash customer service for a good 10 minutes now and you've got nothing better to do...

    the notepad which has an illustration of a cat and a toad stirring a cauldron

    20. A moon phase dad cap you can wear on days when dry shampoo just won't cut it but you also don't have it in you to do a whole wash routine.

    the black baseball cap

    21. A handmade ceramic ghost that takes up next to no space so even if you live in a shoebox-sized apartment, there's no reason not to get him.

    the speckled clay ghost

    22. A fluted tealight/tapered candle holder in a rust shade that's exceptionally fall appropriate but also wouldn't be out of place the rest of the year.

    23. Anddddddd a set of four tapered candles to go in 'em.

    two black tapered candles

    24. A bag of limited-release miniature pumpkin pie Kit Kats if candy corn certainly isn't your seasonal snack of choice.

    the bag of miniature kitkats

    25. A pack of 240 (!) window clings so you can transform your space even (or especially — I should say) if you live somewhere that doesn't experience the four seasons.

    a reviewer's window covered in the leaf window clings

    26. A two-pack of round placemats that will not only catch crumbs, but lots of enamored glances when layered beneath your finest dishware and cloth napkins. It doesn't matter if you eat off of a folding tray table in front of your TV every night — these will at least add a lil' flair.

    27. A set of fairy lights sure to instantly zhuzh up any space be it an empty windowsill, barren entertainment center, or the top of your dresser because it gets hella dark in your room at night and despite the fact that you're almost 30 that still spooks you.

    28. And a five-pack of gel pens so your journal entries dated September 22nd through December 21st will be in appropriately autumnal shades.

    Me happily sending summer packing so I can enjoy fall drinks, layering, and pumpkin picking:

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