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    Trevor Noah Was Asked Why He's Beefing With Kanye West, And His Response Is Not What I Was Expecting

    "I’ve never beefed with Kanye West. I was concerned about Kanye West.”

    If you're here, chances are you already know how ugly things have gotten between Trevor Noah and Kanye West.

    In recent months, the comedian has become one of Kanye's main targets for his comments on the rapper's behavior — starting earlier this year when Trevor defended Kim Kardashian from Kanye's "harassing" behavior.

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    Despite getting suspended from Instagram over his response to Trevor, Kanye has continued to attack him, recently ranting about him during his controversial appearance on the Drink Champs podcast.

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    But Trevor wouldn't call it a feud. In a bonus clip for The Daily Show, Trevor explained that he's only been "concerned for Kanye West."

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    “In my limited understanding of the world, beef has always been something that generally will happen between two hip-hop artists. I’ve never beefed with Kanye West. I was concerned about Kanye West," he said.

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    Trevor then mentioned how Kanye has admitted to having mental health struggles in the past and expressed frustration at how people are choosing to ignore that and continue platforming him.

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    “If somebody says to me that they have a mental health issue,” he said, “and they say to everyone that when they don’t take their medication they’re unable to control themselves, and then everyone ignores when that person is having an episode and they haven’t taken the medication, and then they platform the person and then they put them up…I sometimes think it’s a little shitty, to be honest with you.”

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    Trevor related the situation to how he and his family handled his grandfather as he dealt with his own mental health struggles. "One thing we knew was that he could act in a certain way and could do certain things…but our job was to support him," Trevor said of his grandfather. "It would be weird if I was there going, ‘Oh, my grandfather’s having an episode again. I’m going viral tonight!’ I think it’s a little bit strange.”

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    "So it's not beefing with somebody," he added. "I don’t have beef with a human being who has expressed openly that they’re dealing with a mental health issue. I don’t have beef with that human being."

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    Trevor went on to say that if Kanye considers it a feud, he "understands," but added that he'll still consider himself a fan of the music and the man that he "thinks he is."

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    You can watch all that he had to say here:


    "I was never beefing with Kanye West, I was concerned about Kanye West." Trevor on his "beef" with Ye. #BetweenTheScenes #foryoupage #fyp #DailyShow #kanyewest #ye #kanye

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