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Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman's Daughter, Bella, Just Underwent A Major Hair Transformation

It's a rare look at Bella, who rarely appears in public or shares photos of herself online.

Bella Kidman Cruise has a new look!

Close-up of Bella with long hair and wearing a cap

The 30-year-old artist, who's the daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, posted a photo on her Instagram story, showing off a new cropped hairstyle.

The post showed Bella with her hair cut in a shorter, shaggy style with bangs. She had on a white lace top and berry lipstick, with her hair tucked neatly under a black beret.

Bella with long hair and wearing a cap with tattoo artist Sophie Floyd

"Hair is giving me so much joy still," Bella said in the post before thanking her stylist, Jennifer Ball of the London-based salon Laundry for Hair, for making it happen.

Screenshot of Bella's IG story thanking her stylist and showing herself in a beret and longish hair

Fans know that it's a rare sighting of Bella, as she's seldom seen in public and rarely posts photos of herself online. Here's Bella with Tom and Nicole way back when she was 1.

Tom's holding Bella's hand as they walk on a path near grass

According to Hello magazine, Bella resides in London with her husband, Max Parker, and has lived there for "years" now.

I'm really liking the new hair! To learn more about Bella and her art, check out her Instagram here.