Rachel Zegler's Interaction With "Rude" Paparazzi Is Going Viral

    I love her response.

    You know Rachel Zegler.

    Rachel in oversized sunglasses and black headband, peeking over the top of the shades

    We've reported on her a bunch, most recently regarding her casting in the upcoming live-action version of Snow White.

    Well, she's currently going viral — not because of anything related to the film (this time), but because of an interaction between her and the paparazzi at New York Fashion Week.

    Rachel in a stylish trench coat with a headband, golden necklace, and a shoulder bag for a fashion event

    In a video of the moment, Rachel is seen crossing a street over to a sidewalk full of fans and camerapeople. As she walked by, the paparazzi immediately began screaming at her to look their way and pose for pictures.

    closeup of her walking outside in sunglasses

    Rachel let them photograph her, but then they kept asking for more and hounding her as she tried to pass down the sidewalk.

    rachel caught walking outside

    After one cameraperson pleaded for her to "come back," Rachel turned and did a cute pose, flashing a peace sign — you know, just trying to give them one more shot before she walked away.

    she lift her leg up and posing with a peace sign

    But then a photog yelled back, "Do not be silly like that!"

    "Sorry?" Rachel replied. She then appeared to say, "I'm a human. Talk to me as such!" before heading off.

    People online loved her response and praised her for saying something to the "rude" paparazzi.

    commenter saying it was queen behavior


    Another person wrote, "I'm so proud of her for how well she's navigated the pressure and so many being unnecessarily cruel to her."

    A third fan said it was wild how the paparazzi "were being so rude and overwhelming her but she still stopped [and] posed for them and they still yelled at her."

    "Personally, she told them the truth," another fan said. "She's still new to all of this and she wants to have fun. What's wrong with that? I have a love-hate [relationship] with the paparazzi, and this is a good example of why."

    "I'd do the same if they were yelling at me," a fifth comment read in part.

    With another user adding: "Paparazzi forget that these people are human."

    "She don't take no disrespect from nobody and I live for it"
    "as she should as she should good for her"
    she's so calm, i don't know how celebrities deal with this stuff with such poise

    Good for Rachel for handling the situation the way she did. You can watch the full video of the moment here.