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Nick Lachey Seemingly Shaded Jessica Simpson During The "Love Is Blind" Season 3 Reunion, And People Think It's "So Cringe" And "Awkward"

A little more respect for the union that gave us "Where You Are" and that Chicken of the Sea moment, please!

Yesterday, the final episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 were released, and they were nothing but chaos as the couples came back together to rehash everything that happened since they first connected in the pods.

The cast of season three of Love Is Blind smiles for a group photo as they sits on several couches

From Bartise’s man bun and eyebrow slit to the continued fallout between him and Nancy, to that infamous oranges incident with Cole and Zanab, it was a lottt.

Even Nick Lachey was being messy!

A closeup of Nick smiling

At one point in the reunion, he began talking to Matt about how they've both been married before and how marriage "is always better the second time" — which appeared to be shade toward his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson.

Then he fist-bumped Matt, just being even more extra and petty.

People on social media thought it was completely uncalled for:

#loveisblind I’m sorry but did nick lachey just fist pump Matt saying “always better the second time around” as a dig to Jessica Simpson? Felt icky!

Twitter: @added_name

Did Nick Lachey just take a dig at Jessica Simpson with his “it’s always better the 2nd time around” comment and fist bump to Matt? 🤔 #NickLachedy lol #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @JessicaOglesbee

For Nick Lachey to reference being divorced and re-married by saying “it’s always better the second time, am I right bud?” and fist bump Matt… like, is it just me, or is that complete disrespect to Jessica Simpson?

Showtime/Twitter: @sailor__ari

did nick lachey just shade jessica simpson on the reunion of love is blind????? not sitting right w me

Twitter: @octopussiii

Not Nick Lachey throwing shade at Jessica. “Always better the 2nd time” #LoveIsBlind #Netflix #LoveisBlindS3

Twitter: @shalini_beauty

Nick Lachey’s cringe comment and fist bump to Matt. “It’s always better the second time.” Referencing his wedding to Jessica Simpson…so awkward. #LoveisBlindS3 #LOVEISBLINDreunion

Bravo/Twitter: @Aishalove08

nick lachey is sooo fucking weird “iTs aLwAyS bEtTeR tHe SeCoNd TiMe” shut the fuck up about miss jessica fucking simpson!!!!!!!!!

Twitter: @taylordfarquad

Nick Lachey is TRASH for that "it's better the second time" comment on the reunion. We are not for the Jessica Simpson slander! You left her for her friend dummy.

Twitter: @SabrinaSith

But considering that Jessica also remarried and remains so, I'm sure she'd say the same!