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    Marsai Martin Left An Interview After Being Attacked By A Bat

    "The martial arts hands 😂"

    You know Marsai Martin. She's a talented actor, producer, and entrepreneur.

    Closeup of Marsai Martin

    She's also an ambassador for "When We All Vote" — Michelle Obama's national initiative to increase voter turnout — and this weekend, she stopped by the 2023 AfroTech Conference in Austin to talk about it.

    Closeup of Marsai Martin

    Marsai was chatting with journalist Sylvia Obell when something started flying around the room.

    At first, neither of them knew what it was, but after being informed that it was a bat, Marsai rightfully freaked out.

    Closeup of Marsai Martin

    She screamed:

    Marsai Martin screaming

    She ducked:

    Closeup of Marsai Martin

    Then she finally ran off the stage:

    arrow pointing at Marsai running

    People couldn't help but laugh:

    "The martial arts hands"
    "naaah she went lil Kim dance moves in a second"
    "the lady who walked out with her handbag made my night"

    They also thought it was so real:

    "She's so cute!"

    But in all seriousness, I'm glad everyone's okay! You can see the clip for yourself here:


    What would you do if you were bombarded by a bat? Marsai Martin was on the floor, running all over the stage, and even one audience member needed to excuse themselves from the terribly adorable flying animal. 🥹 How do you think you’d react to being face-to-face with a bat? 😅 #MarsaiMartin #Bat #funny #commentary #storytime #Blavity #Afrotech

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