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"Black-ish" Is (Tragically) Ending After 8 Seasons — So Here Are The Cast Members In Their First Roles, On The Show, And IRL

The Black-ish cast has become a family offscreen, too, and I love them all so much.

1. Anthony Anderson's first role in 1995:

Anthony's first acting role in The Wayans Bros

Anthony Anderson as Andre "Dre" Johnson on Black-ish:

Anthony in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Anthony Anderson in real life:

Anthony applauding on a talk show

2. Tracee Ellis Ross's first role in 1997:

Tracee as a bartender in Sue

Tracee Ellis Ross as Dr. Rainbow "Bow" Johnson on Black-ish:

Tracee in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Tracee Ellis Ross in real life:

3. Yara Shahidi's first major role in 2009:

Yara in Imagine That

Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson on Black-ish:

Yara in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Yara Shahidi in real life:

4. Marcus Scribner's first role in 2010:

Marcus in an episode of Castle

Marcus Scribner as Junior Johnson on Black-ish:

Marcus in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Marcus Scribner in real life:

5. Miles Brown's first role in 2013:

Miles in an episode of Shameless

Miles Brown as Jack Johnson on Black-ish:

Miles in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Miles Brown in real life:

6. Marsai Martin's first role in 2014:

Marsai in two commercials, one where she is swinging and one where she is a mechanic

Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson on Black-ish:

Marsai in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Marsai Martin in real life:

7. Jenifer Lewis's first role in 1988:

Jenifer lying in a bed in Beaches

Jenifer Lewis as Ruby Johnson on Black-ish:

Jenifer in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Jenifer Lewis in real life:

8. Laurence Fishburne's first role in 1973:

Laurence in black-and-white photos from One Life to Live

Laurence Fishburne as Earl "Pops" Johnson on Black-ish:

Laurence in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Laurence Fishburne in real life:

Laurence in jeans and a corduroy jacket

9. August and Berlin Gross's first acting roles as Devante Johnson on Black-ish:

August and Berlin in Season 4 of Blackish vs Season 8

August and Berlin Gross in real life:

10. Deon Cole's first role in 2002:

Deon in a scene from Barbershop

Deon Cole as Charlie Telphy on Black-ish and Grown-ish:

Deon in Season 1 of Blackish vs Season 8

Deon Cole in real life:

Head shot of Deon looking serious

And finally, just for fun, here's the entire cast together in Season 1 versus Season 8:

Casual family shot versus very glamorous shot of the cast in black-tie and gowns

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