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Mario Lopez Responded To Claims That He Code Switches After A Video Of Him With His "Homie" Went Viral

"I can't be sounding all hood like that. I gotta keep it a little more polished and buttoned up."

Mario Lopez responded to critics who accused him of "code-switching" and downplaying his Mexican heritage to the public.

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It all started after a video he posted on his TikTok account went viral. In it, the Access Hollywood host could be seen talking and using slang with a friend while eating ceviche, a traditional Latin American dish.


You know me & the homie had to give you the lowdown on @Mariscos_el_bigoton & taste test the goods… #MariosMenu #TacoTuesday

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"I've only heard code switch Mario. I ain't know he was this Mexican," one person tweeted after viewing the video.

Twitter: @bigsnugga

Another person said they "deadass thought he was whitewashed, damn 😭😭😭."

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"Evidently, I'm trending on Twitter," Mario said in a video posted on TikTok on Tuesday. "And apparently, it's because people don't think I'm Mexican. Is that a trick? With a name like Mario Lopez?" he asked rhetorically.

Closeup of Mario Lopez in a tux at a media event

"But you know, they've been thinking I'm everything from Italian to Hawaiian, but I'm not," he continued, laughing. "It's the weirdest thing. I was born in Chula Vista. ... My parents are from Culiacán, Sinaloa."

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Mario explained that when he's posting food videos on TikTok, he's usually with "[his] homies" and "just kinda being [himself]."

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"I can't be like that on Access Hollywood or on my radio show," he admitted. "I'm tryna cash these checks. I can't be sounding all hood like that. I gotta keep it a little more polished and buttoned up."

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He added: "But I think it's funny. Twitter, you wild. You wild out there."

Closeup of Mario Lopez

You can watch his full video here.


Ok, let’s set the record straight for the people in the back… I’ma Mexican-American Actor/TV host with slang tendencies. Just not on TV! #VivaMexico  #Trending  #TwitterWildn

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