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Larsa Pippen Defended Herself After She Was Called Out For Wearing Box Braids: "I'm Not White"

Um, okay.

Larsa Pippen recently raised cultural appropriation concerns after wearing her hair in box braids. But instead of apologizing, she defended her decision.

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The reality star was asked about her choice to wear box braids during a Real Housewives of Miami reunion special that aired this week.

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"Watching the tease for the season, I noticed you were sporting braids in the Bahamas," Andy Cohen told Larsa, reading a fan's question. "Fashion-wise, you can pull it off. But do you think it's really culturally appropriate? I think you're going to get a lot of backlash."

Larsa sitting for the reunion

Larsa replied: “I mean, I’m not white. So I don’t know, my mom used to wear braids…My grandparents are Moroccan. My mom had braids when she was a kid. I’ve been braiding my hair every time I’ve gone on vacation since I can remember.”

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Larsa noted that she also has a braider for her children, who are mixed.

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"I have a braider who comes and braids my kids' hair every 10 days," she explained. "My son's had braids literally for the last four years."

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Larsa said that if she's going on a trip and doesn't want to have to worry about her hair, she'll also have the stylist braid it. "I don't want to have to deal with my hair."

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Her cast mate, Kiki Barth, then chimed in to say: “I feel like anybody should rock whatever they want to. As long as it looks good on you, I think we should just embrace it.”

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You can watch the reunion, if you want, now on Peacock.