Kelly Osbourne Addressed Criticism Of Her Ozempic Comments, And Talk About Missing The Mark

    "If there's a medication out there that can help people lose weight, then what's so bad about it?"

    Kelly Osbourne addressed the backlash to her comments on Ozempic.

    Kelly with bob haircut, wearing a polka-dot dress and a pendant, at an event

    Last month, Kelly praised Ozempic as a weight loss option — even though Sharon, her mother, said she had to stop using it because she couldn't "stop losing weight," and there are supply shortages for its intended consumers. "There are a million ways to lose weight — why not do it through something [that] isn't as boring as working out?" Kelly told E! News.

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    She also stated that critics were probably just mad that they couldn't afford Ozempic. "People hate on it because they want to do it," she argued. “And the people who hate on it the most are the people who are secretly doing it or pissed off that they can't afford it. Unfortunately, right now it's very expensive, but it eventually won't be because it actually works."

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    Many readers took issue with the comment that people are just mad they "can't afford it," given the various reports of shortages and adverse side effects, and quickly called Kelly out online.

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    Kelly addressed the criticism on a recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast, which she hosts with Sharon along with her father, Ozzy, and her brother, Jack.

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    She began by saying that when it comes to societal hot topics in general, she's "not educated enough to answer these questions properly sometimes."

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    "Like, I have my opinion on stuff, but I could be more educated on the topic, if you know what I'm saying," Kelly continued, adding that she also hesitates to comment on certain discussions sometimes for fear that it won't be received as she intended.

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    "You just never want to offend anyone, so I'm so scared to fucking say anything."

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    She cited her Ozempic comments as an example: "Like 50% of the people hated it, 50% of people liked it. And then on TikTok, everyone hated it."

    Still, Kelly stands by her comment. She said, "The truth is, my opinion used to be the same as the people who didn't like my opinion on Ozempic, until I met somebody who lost weight from Ozempic and [they said how] it changed their life."

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    "They explained to me how it took the mental obsession with food away and it allowed them, from that reprieve, to dig deep into therapy and really figure out who they were and how life-changing it was for them."

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    "It completely changed my opinion on it," Kelly added. "So I'm like, 'Yeah, it's great.' If there's a medication out there that can help people lose weight, then what's so bad about it?"

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    Ozzy then mentioned that not everyone loses weight on Ozempic, to which Kelly said, "Oh, I didn't know that... Well, that sucks for that person."

    According to the New York Times, some users have also reported that they hit a plateau and stopped losing weight after extended use of the drug. Some decided to go off it as a result, only to regain the weight they'd lost.

    Listen to the full episode here.