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    Kamala Harris Dancing At A Hip-Hop Celebration Party Is Going Viral, And I Can't Stop Watching It

    She was gettin' it.

    You may have seen that hip-hop recently turned 50.

    Kamala at a hip-hop party

    In celebration of the day, several events are being held around the country to honor its roots and impact on popular culture — from various concerts in New York to museum exhibitions in DC.

    A hip-hop celebration

    But CLEARLY, Kamala Harris's Hip-Hop 50 party was the place to be.

    Closeup of Kamala Harris

    The Hill reports that she had more than 400 guests over, with musical performances by artists like Lil Wayne, Jeezy, and Common.

    Kamala onstage

    At one point, the VP herself hit the dance floor — and she was seen getting downnn to Q-Tip's "Vivrant Thing."

    Twitter: @PettyLupone

    Over 16 million people watched the clip and obsessed over her dance moves and lively energy.

    Kamala dancing with her husband

    Twitter: @naomiratchet

    Twitter: @AmeriKraut

    Twitter: @poetnextdoor

    People also found other clips of her vibing out.

    Twitter: @VividDope

    LOL. So yeah, looks like a time was had!