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    Drew Barrymore Got Real About Not Wanting To Date

    "I really think I have some serious s*** buried."

    Drew Barrymore may be known for playing the loving girlfriend in her rom-com roles, but in real life, she's single.

    Drew looks over her shoulder as she smiles at a red carpet event

    She's not looking to date, either. Speaking with New York Magazine, Drew said that at 48, she's genuinely "tired and exhausted" by the thought of it.

    "I spent a lot of my life loving romance and drama and all of that. I just burnt myself out on it," she said.

    "I genuinely am tired and exhausted."

    Drew added that she's been seeing a therapist over the years and is "curious to examine why" she's "not open to a relationship."

    A close-up of Drew wearing tinted sunglasses

    "I really think I have some serious shit buried," Drew shared. "And I don’t know if it’s like I need to try an MDMA treatment or psilocybin as a way to get to some state where I could see things in a different way."

    Drew also reflected on her past relationships in the interview — including with art consultant Will Kopelman. She and Will married in 2012 but split four years later. Drew, who had two daughters during the marriage, took the divorce "hard" and started drinking to cope, but then she quit for two years.

    “Then the pandemic happened, and I was like, thank god I got my shit together,” Drew said. “Because I am the strongest I’ve ever been. Then we were building [The Drew Barrymore Show], and it was hard, challenging, scary, emotional, exhausting, and overwhelming, but I could handle it. Which was so great because the divorce convinced me I couldn’t handle things.”

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