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    A Disturbing TV Scene Darius Jackson Posted Is Coming To Light In The Wake Of Keke Palmer's Abuse Allegations

    "Using Homelander to represent yourself in any manner should be enough to have you put under investigation."

    Darius Jackson is facing even more backlash after one of his old posts resurfaced amid Keke Palmer's abuse claims.

    closeup of Keke and Darius at a sports event

    Yesterday, Keke filed for a restraining order in LA on the grounds of physical and emotional abuse, according to court documents obtained by People.

    closeup of keke

    She said in the filing that this past weekend, “Darius trespassed into my home without my knowledge or consent, threatened me, then physically attacked me — lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch, and stealing my phone when I told him I was going to call the police.”

    Keke and Darius smiling on the red carpet at an event

    Her request for a restraining order was accompanied by screenshots from an apparent home security system, which appeared to show a man hitting a woman as she fell over a sofa.

    keke sitting in darius' lap at a party

    Keke — who dated Darius for over two years — also said in the docs that there were “many instances of physical violence" throughout their relationship, including "striking and grabbing me around the neck, descriptions of Darius destroying my personal property, including diaries and prescription eyeglasses, throwing my belongings into the street, throwing my car keys to prevent me from driving away, hitting [me] in front of our son, spewing profanities about me to our son, threatening to kill himself with a gun if I left him, harassment, and other physical and emotional abuse.”

    closeup of the two with their newborn

    In addition to the restraining order, Keke requested — and was granted — full custody of their son, Leodis, whom they welcomed this past February.

    closeup of the family at an event

    In response to the news, Darius took to Twitter with a photo of him and their son and wrote, "I love you, son. See you soon."

    Twitter: @dvulton

    People also dug up one of his recent Instagram posts — which seems to have since been deleted — of Darius with Leodis. "We attached," he said in the caption, adding that the last slide "is how I feel when we apart." The image shows Homelander the murderous, manipulative villain from the Prime Video series The Boys — questioning the whereabouts of his son before killing the person before him with his laser vision.

    "I thought this post was very sinister from Darius Jackson a month ago. Now to read the details of what Keke has been going thru w/ this ninja I wanna fight!" one person shared on X.

    Twitter: @Ashlee_Ray

    "Using Homelander to represent yourself in any manner should be enough to have you put under investigation," another comment read.

    Twitter: @Loccdawggg

    People also brought up other posts, including his reshare of a tweet that said, "Being betrayed by someone you loved really changes your mindset."

    He also reposted one that read, “Nobody apologized for how they treated me, they just blamed me for how I reacted.”

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger as a result of domestic violence, call 911. For anonymous, confidential help, you can call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or chat with an advocate via the website.