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    Britney Spears Turned The Comments Off On Her Instagram Amid Criticism From PETA Over Her New Puppy

    PETA called out Britney for being "toxic" and said that now, "animals will pay with their lives."

    PETA is calling out Britney Spears for purchasing a dog instead of adopting one.

    Closeup of Britney Spears

    The singer revealed her new pup on Instagram yesterday, sharing a video of them playing together at home. "Introducing Snow … the new edition [sic] to the family," Britney wrote in the post. "It's her world, and we just live in it."

    People thought Snow was the cutest thing — but PETA didn't seem so thrilled.

    Closeup of Britney Spears

    In a statement shared with TMZ and also on X (formerly known as Twitter), a rep for the organization criticized Britney and called her "toxic" for seemingly purchasing a dog when she should have "adopted."

    Closeup of Britney holding a dog

    "When influential people buy puppies, puppy mills cheer, and animal shelters watch the homeless-animal crisis get even worse. With this one cutesy post, Britney Spears has sentenced countless deserving dogs in shelters to more days without love, a comfy bed to curl up on, or a chance at a real life."

    Closeup of Britney Spears

    They continued, saying: "She could have been a force for good and adopted, but instead she chose to be toxic, and animals will pay with their lives."

    While Britney did not respond to the statement, she did turn her IG comments off amid the criticism. We'll let you know if she says something about the drama directly.