Bethenny Frankel Responded To Critics Of How Her 13-Year-Old Daughter Dresses

    "This may feel aggressive, and I do not believe in physical altercation, but when it comes to protecting my daughter, do not cross me," she captioned her video.

    Bethenny Frankel would like anyone with negative comments about her daughter Bryn's style to "take a seat."

    closeup of bethenny at an event

    Her comments came shortly after she posted an Instagram photo of her and Bryn on a recent trip to Australia. In it, Bryn wore a scoop-neck cropped tank top and baggy jeans with her hair pulled back.

    "So, some people think it's their business how I parent and how my daughter dresses," Bethenny began the video.

    Bethenny Frankel in a casual t-shirt, speaking to the camera with text "Take a seat" above her head

    She described Bryn as the "most beautiful, thoughtful, caring, loving, spiritual, sensitive, darling, loving, [and smartest]" person before recalling how a fan once "slapped" someone for talking about Bryn during a public appearance.

    bethenny speaking into the camera

    "I have a group of women warrior cubs who will come to fuck you up if you talk about my child,” Bethenny continued. "She is nearly perfect, which is mostly, I'm sure, genetic, but I work very hard at it."

    Bethenny said it's one thing to criticize her, but when it comes to her kid, she's off-limits. "The one thing you cannot criticize is my parenting," she stated. "It is the most important thing to me. I cherish it."

    Then, speaking directly to the haters, she advised that instead of commenting negatively on her daughter, "You better keep fucking walking and take a seat."

    "I will come to your house, and I will fuck you up myself," she concluded.

    I didn't even say anything, and now, I'm scared.