Ariana Grande Called Out Fans For Sending "Hateful" Messages To "People In My Life" After "Eternal Sunshine" Appeared To Discuss Dalton Gomez And Ethan Slater

    "It is not how to support me. It is the opposite."

    Ariana Grande is requesting kindness from fans amid the release of her new album, Eternal Sunshine, which includes songs widely speculated to be about her divorce from Dalton Gomez as well as her budding relationship with Ethan Slater.

    Ariana Grande poses at an event in a strapless gown with a choker necklace

    She shared the message on Instagram on Saturday, a day after the album's release. She said that while it does feature "a lot" of painful moments for her, she also created it with love and urged fans to be nice while discussing it.

    Ariana Grande wearing sleek ponytail and satin gloves, touching her face, looking away

    "I just wanted to say anyone that is sending hateful messages to the people in my life based on your interpretation of this album is not supporting me and is absolutely doing the polar opposite of what I would ever encourage," she wrote, adding that it's "also entirely misinterpreting the intention behind the music."

    Ariana Grande at an event wearing a bow headpiece and a gown with a fitted bodice and billowing skirt

    "I ask that you please do not [do that]. It is not how to support me. It is the opposite," she continued.

    Ariana waving with a gloved hand

    Ariana also said, "Although this album captures a lot of painful moments, it also is woven together with a [sic] line of deep, sincere love. If you cannot hear that, please listen more closely."

    Instagram post by Ariana Grande

    She concluded the message, writing, "Thank you! I love you!!!!!!!!"

    Well, you heard her!

    Eternal Sunshine is currently streaming on all music platforms.