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3 Social Media Apps You'll Love to Hate

If you don't already.

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Social media ain't what it used to be. Forget about Myspace and MSN Messenger (the latter, especially), these days the social app you use can be as much of a statement as whatever you're using it to post. In the GFC-defying app bubble, for every Facebook there's an incredibly useless - and potentially gag-worthy - app like these ones, although odds are that won't stop you from downloading them:



What it is: A "single-tap zero character communication tool."

Why You'll Hate It: Over $1M has been invested in this pointless app and not your potato salad.

Why You'll Love It: Hitting your best friend from 9 years ago with a no-strings-attached "Yo" instead of an awkward Facebook conversation.



What it is: Tinder for dogs, basically.

Why You'll Hate It: You'll get the same cringe in your soul that you get when someone tells you it's their cat's birthday.

Why You'll Love It: Pictures of strangers' dogs? Yes pls.

What's the most pointless app on your phone?

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