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41 WTF Cat Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Get it together, cats.

1. The creative breakfast eater who got a little too creative.

2. This cat who took levitating to a whole new level.

3. This cat who somehow turned himself into Jabba the Hutt.

4. This cat who couldn't even cat tree.

5. This human cat??

6. This cat who couldn't get enough of his nanners.

7. This cat who somehow conquered this child.

8. This cat who almost got out but how??

9. This human.

10. And this other creepy human.

11. This cat who got caught making this face at an otherwise perfectly acceptable birthday present.

12. This cat who fell in love with a bee.

13. And this one who just wanted to be the flour for once.

14. This cat who saw a ghost.

15. This cat who gets a thrill out of showing her special little bean.

16. This can of ginger ale.

17. This cat screaming into a camera for no reason.

18. Whatever the hell is going on here.

19. Whatever army this is.

20. This impeccable selfie.

21. This cat who cannot and will not deal with this child.

22. This cat who got really into the 'nip.

23. This greedy little motherfucker.

24. This cat who has learned too much.

25. This cat who's a little too content in his snowsuit.

26. This assault cat.

27. This cat who seems completely fine in water? LIKE, BE A CAT, MAN.

28. This hitchhiker.

29. This cat who is obviously trying to go unnoticed so he doesn't get asked to take out the trash.

30. This totally believable, totally cool, chill cat situation.

31. This.

32. These buddies who are clearly killing the best friend and conspiracy theory game.

33. These individuals who have a very, very important plan.

34. This cat who might actually be liquid.

35. This sir who very carefully set up this cat trap.

36. This cat who is way too serious about lunch.

37. These cats who are waiting for...something.

38. This suspicious-looking individual who is definitely up to something.

39. This cat who had a plan but poor execution.

40. This swinger who is weirdly casual.

41. And, of course, our Kissing Booth Queen.