13 Worst Types Of Cats To Take To A Concert

You only need to go to one concert with these cats to know you’ll never take them again. Unfortunately, every concert you go to will have these guys. Just try to avoid them.

1. The cats who won’t stop making out.

No one wants to stand near the couple making out the entire time.

2. The cat who’s the snobby fan.

“Oh, THAT album is your favorite?”

3. The cat who gets so drunk he throws up.

Doing this in a large crowd up’s the party foul factor.

4. The cat who climbs to the stage.

This guy will claw, scratch, kill to get on stage with the performer.

5. The cat who insists on moshing at a concert that does not call for moshing.

Moshing has a time and a place but if your date breaks that out during an Elton John concert, you know you brought the wrong date.

6. The cat who sings along at the top of her lungs.

Everyone sings along. It’s the one who screams it in your ear to the point you can’t hear the band who’s the problem.

7. The cat who complains it’s “too loud”.

Why does this cat even go to a concert in the first place?

8. The cat who won’t get off her phone.

This cat was so preoccupied with telling his social network that he was at the concert that he actually forgot where he was.

9. Similarly, the cat who takes flash photography the whole time.

This cat blinded everyone with the flash every 5 seconds.

10. The cat who insists on crowd surfing.

Cats like these make you hope they get dropped.

11. The cat who gets PISSED when the band doesn’t play his favorite song.

Contrary to popular belief, the band was not only performing for this cat.

12. The cats who won’t stop talking.

Sometimes they forget people did not pay to hear their voices the entire time.

13. The cats who INSIST on wearing the bands t-shirt.

This is more embarrassing than annoying.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid these cats completely.

You can always enjoy your music in the comfort of your own home.

But you might as well take a deep breath and have fun.

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