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37 Cats Who Totally Won 2014

Cats rocked it this year.

1. This cat who just DGAF.

2. This cat who helps her best friend to live more fully.

3. This cat who graduated high school...

...and won the battle of appearing in the yearbook.

4. Yaas cat won the yaas game.

5. This cat who successfully managed to be lazy and heroic at the same time.

6. This cat who dared to look a gift horse in the mouth.

7. This mom who successfully taught her kittens how black holes work.

8. This kitten who learned how to drink water.

9. This cat who saved this kid from that dumb dog.

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10. This cat who fully embraced his calling as a super hero.

11. This cat living tha dream.

12. This cat who won Movember.

13. These kittens who managed to stay on that roomba.

14. This cat who prevented her friend from getting back together with her dumb ex.

15. This cat who decided he would start prancing through life.

16. This noodle champion.

17. This kitten who won all the cuteness awards this year.

18. This cat who became the ultimate guitar hero.

19. This cat who realized her life-long dream to become a table.

20. This cat who accomplished the best video bomb ever.

21. This cat who claimed the most comfortable spot in the house.

22. This cat who learned to just ask for what he wanted.

23. This cat who found the ultimate hiding place.

24. This mother and daughter who became the the most idealic of creatures in 2014.

25. This cat who threw his human's scratch ticket in the toilet, effectively nipping her gambling problem in the bud.

26. This cat who finally got a job and is moving out her parents house.

27. This cat who actually turned into Nyan cat.

28. This Californian who finally learned how to prepare for an East Coast winter.

29. This cat who finally his recognition as the inspiration for Puss in Boots.

30. The cat who properly raised this dog.

31. This cat who found a best friend in an unexpected place.

32. Lil Bub continued to win everything, obviously.

33. This boss kitten.

34. These two got married!

35. This cat won a Dobby lookalike contest.

36. Millie the cat who was the ultimate outdoor companion this year.

37. And finally, this cat finally got the correct music for his greatness.

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